22 Unmissable Places Where You Must Advertise Your Franchise

date icon 5 minutes to read date icon 27th July, 2021

The underlying question is where to advertise your franchise. There are both online and offline platforms proven to be effective when used correctly for franchise marketing strategies to promote your franchise. Read further to find out which platforms they are. 

Online platforms

The importance of digital marketing strategies for franchise businesses cannot be underestimated. You can significantly increase customer retention and attract new customers with a strong online presence.

  • Search engines

Optimising your presence on major search engines is key to being noticed by many viewers. The selection of the correct keywords will distinguish you from your competitors. Keywords can either make or break you, put simply! Search engine marketing should be at the top of your priorities when promoting your business.

  • Social media channels

Selecting the correct channels is key and must be identified earlier on. Those channels which simply do not benefit the growth of your franchise marketing must be neglected quickly as they can waste your time, energy and even jeopardise the reputation of your franchise business. Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn to name a few are powerful tools that should be utilised effectively to reach out to millions of people. The correct language should be used to address and engage your target audience.

  • Local website and travel sites

Building a working relationship earlier on with the operator of local websites who may either be individuals, businesses, travel sites etc. will provide an opportunity for your franchise to be listed and allow many doors to open in terms of franchise marketing.

  • Display campaigns

Whilst waiting for online franchise marketing channels and SEO practices to be implemented effectively and organically to generate leads, paid advertisements such as Google Adwords are worth considering.

  • Email campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are the most common tool used by many franchise businesses to promote their products and services. Having said this, many tend to enthusiastically send out email campaigns to potential customers without realising their email has ended up in the spam folder. A well-structured email with a clear, unique message is crucial for leaving a lasting impression, a convoluted unorganized email is a common flaw many tend to fall into.

  • Remarketing campaigns

Online remarketing is clever! Data can be collected on the interest of a particular web user and then the data is levered to display only the part of your franchise marketing strategy that will spark an interest to your target audience.

  • Public relations and influencer marketing

Connecting with local influencers who are well known among the local audience is an effective franchise marketing strategy, as you have real-life testimonials proving how amazing your product is. 

  • Your website

Even though websites are referred to as the traditional tool for promoting your franchise business, it should certainly not be neglected. Building in SEO techniques and establishing a solid franchise marketing strategy is the key to making your website engaging to your target audience. A well-designed landing page is needed, usually depending on how viewers reached your site, allowing you to easily track how effective the channel is and monitor the growth and expansion of your franchise.

  • Send holiday cards

Sending out holiday cards for special occasions by email invites potential customers to browse your latest services and products. 

Offline platforms

  • Hosting an event

Hosting events such as fundraising or charity events can help promote your franchise business. It brings a number of exciting business opportunities for your franchise. It allows you to offer advertising space and invite local businesses to promote their services and products, in this way, you have the opportunity to establish relationships and hence build a strong franchise network.  

  • Sponsoring an event

One of the top franchise advertising options, it allows you to both advertise your franchise business, establish connections with other local businesses and build a reputation among the local community you potentially strive to expand into. There are numerous options to choose from when it comes to sponsoring!

  • Distribute business cards and printed marketing materials

Designing a business card and distributing them among popular locations and handing them to people you meet can be an excellent leeway to gain new leads. Exchanging franchising marketing materials with other businesses who you have a working relationship with or see a potential franchise business opportunity are all ways that will benefit you in the long run. 

It can help boost the reputation of franchise businesses.

  • Create and design giveaways and games

Creating free goodies to your potential or even existing customers can make them more inclined to follow your franchise business online and keep updated with the latest news, hence it is a way to increase your popularity. Free promotions give you the opportunity to build an ever ending mailing list by requesting email addresses from viewers to gain access to online free materials.

  • Physical mail campaigns

The mail sent through the post should be designed professionally. You should aim to make the email eye-catching to the reader for it to include: bold colours, key phrases, a layout that is easy to read and follow to avoid the customer throwing it in the rubbish. The mail should attract the attention of your target audience.

  • Display signs, banners, posters

The question most commonly asked is where to advertise your franchise? Displaying banners, signs or posters in populated areas such as in the shop windows, at the train station can prove to be effective in the long run. It is becoming less popular today but is still an option worth considering. They help with promoting brand awareness.

  • Networking

Building a strong franchise network is highly cost-effective!

  • Effective packaging of goods

Packaging is extremely important. It is the first thing a potential customer sees on the shelf , your products should be unique and stand out from the other brands selling similar products. Hence knowing your target audience can help you tailor and design accordingly.

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  • Offer extensively discounts

Offering discounts is an excellent way to attract potential customers. You should think carefully how often discounts will be offered and how effectively they will be promoted across your franchise marketing channels.

  • Speaking at public events

Speaking at events in your field of expertise can help establish you as a voice of authority.

  • Organise a free consultation day at your franchise business

Free consultations open to potential franchisees enables you to build a strong franchise network at a personal level by answering questions and seeing to related enquiries.

  • Produce content appropriate for TV, local media commercials and radio

Well targeted and planned commercials can deliver results in no time and should only be implemented after significant planning and research has been made. Radio stations tend to reach out to a specific potential audience and charge less for advertising time, on the other hand TV commercials tailor to a specific audience and can offer a more defined demographic for targeting franchising marketing messages.

  • Publish material in magazines and paper

Even though social media is taking the franchise marketing business by storm, the power of old fashioned written magazines and newspapers should not be underestimated.

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