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Our team will help you reach your target demographic through specific and specially selected local radio stations.
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We’ll arrange for your targeted adverts to be shown in specific regions and local areas for greater exposure to your brand and message.
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We craft franchises

From radio to TV or social media advertising, our ecosystem of franchise marketing services is here to support your franchisees and you in your endeavours of growing your business.
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Exciting case studies

Traditional Adverts Still Work!

Adverts on television and radio remain extremely effective. Both media types reach millions of potential customers every week, and you can use this to your advantage.

But before you can get started, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Which television channels will you advertise on? What radio stations are best for you? And how will you appeal to your target demographic? Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers. You don’t have to develop a strategy on your own…

Franchise Fame has been delivering exceptional advertising for franchises for years. Our team knows how to find your ideal clients, raise your brand’s profile, and help your existing franchisees build their businesses. Let us help you navigate the world of television and radio advertising today.

We’ll Collaborate With You

Rest assured that we won’t simply implement a generic TV and radio advertising plan on your behalf. First, we’ll learn all about your business and franchise network. Further to this, our consultants will ask you to describe your ideal customer profile with regards to attributes, age and estimated income, for example. This will help us develop a bespoke strategy that meets your needs, fits your timeline and matches your budget. We’ll then move forward and help your franchisees find new potential clients in their territories through targeted TV and radio advertising campaigns. No stone will be left unturned.

The Advantages of Radio

By enlisting Franchise Fame as your radio advertising agency, our team will quickly identify local stations in the areas you’re looking to expand your network into. We’ll take into account your target audience while doing this. Why? A certain demographic might regularly tune into a channel that plays country music, while another demographic may prefer to listen to classic rock. The key is identifying which stations your target audience is most likely to pick. One of the greatest benefits of advertising on radio is the unrestricted creativity that it allows, as the adverts only consist of audio.

Why Use Television Advertising?

It’s estimated that television adverts make up 95% of all video adverts that are viewed today. Needless to say, this means that TV is still well ahead of the Internet, despite what you may have heard.

It would be natural to assume that advertising on TV is outside your price range. But it isn’t. You won’t need to invest in costly nationwide promotions – we’ll work with you to target the specific regions and areas where you’re currently operating. This will not only be far more affordable but more effective,too.

Improve Your Chances of Success

The effectiveness of television and radio advertising is only increased when combined with other marketing initiatives. As we’ll be targeting specific areas, we can easily incorporate our other online and offline marketing methods.

For example, if our team arranged for your products and services to be advertised on a specific local radio station, we could then also implement digital marketing in that same geographic area.

This could include local search engine optimisation so that any prospective customer searching for a product or service in that location would find your business first. Additionally, our team could use the Google Ads platform to enhance your visibility even further and also distribute targeted direct mail. Just let us know exactly what you require and get in touch with us.

Avoid Common Pitfalls

Advertising for franchises isn’t easy. Many of your fellow franchisors make mistakes that limit the effectiveness of their advertising efforts. These errors normally include but aren’t limited to, poor advert placements, unsuitable messaging that isn’t appropriate for the targeted demographic and poorly organised follow-up promotions.

The Franchise Fame team won’t let this happen to you.

Connect With a Franchise Marketing Consultant Today

Franchise Fame is ready to take the heavy weight of advertising off your shoulders. Simply focus on your business while we handle all of the complexities of television and radio promotions.

Don’t forget, you’ll be placing yourself in the hands of seasoned experts with over 100 years of collective experience. We know what we’re doing and precisely how to help you. What’s more, by hiring us, you’ll reduce your overall costs. How? Because we’ll be more affordable compared to a permanent employee who you’ll have to extensively train and equip with the necessary and costly tools, which we already have at our disposal. Work with us and you’ll get access to everything you need immediately. Contact us today.

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