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The Seasons Art Class Franchise – Start Your Own Art Class Business

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The Seasons Art Class Inspires Aspiring Artists

The Seasons Art Class offers special art courses to individuals who want to improve their artistic abilities. The brand has now opened up franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs willing to provide these classes in their own area. Find out if you’re eligible below…

Courses for All Skill Levels

During the course of a 14-week period, students attend 3-hour-long classes and are taught pencil, oil pastel, watercolour and acrylic drawing techniques. Those who take part don’t have to be skilled artists. These sessions were designed by a team of European Master Tutors and are also suitable for beginners who have no prior experience whatsoever.

As part of each class, aspiring artists are shown how to handle landscapes, still-life compositions, figurative art and so on. They also learn when it’s appropriate to use canvas or paper and what skills they need to focus on to improve the quality of their art moving forward.

After the 14 weeks have passed, each student will have made at least 12 pieces of original art. They’re then free to attend another course run by The Seasons Art Class in the future.

Why Becoming a Franchise Partner Is a Smart Move

Unlike with other arts and crafts franchises, you won’t have to work long hours every single day – this is a strictly part-time opportunity. As a member of The Seasons Art Class Franchise network, you’ll be required to operate within one location initially and offer art classes to aspiring artists. You’ll be given the chance to expand your enterprise and take further business opportunities down the line.

You won’t need a permanent office. You can be home-based and will only have to go to the venue where the classes are held once-a-week on average. The Seasons Art Class will provide you with everything you need to make a success of your franchise. You’ll be given bespoke systems, which will enable you to complete day-to-day processes more easily. Plus, you’ll be given access to the brand’s automated smart marketing system.

You Don’t Have to Be an Art Expert

To make the most of this franchise opportunity, you must be a strong communicator with excellent organisational skills. No artistic experience? Not a problem. The Seasons Art Class will have no issue with you hiring qualified tutors to take the art classes on your behalf, if necessary.

The Seasons Art Class Franchise Costs Revealed

You’ll need to pay £17,995 to team up with the brand. In exchange, you’ll get a comprehensive package that includes, but isn’t limited to, training, regular course curriculum updates and ongoing support. You’ll find that this is one of the most inexpensive arts and crafts franchise opportunities out there!

The Seasons Art Class has stated that franchisees should expect to make their money back within just 12 months. What’s more, you could be generating up to £50,000 in revenue per annum from your third year onwards. But you should keep in mind that exact figures cannot be guaranteed. Your personal level of success will depend on how many locations you operate within and how effectively you implement the company’s business model.

What if You Need Financial Support?

In some circumstances, The Seasons Art Class will be able to help you secure 100% funding. This would mean that you wouldn’t have to provide any capital whatsoever initially. But you’ll have to meet specific criteria. If you don’t, you can still get the money you require from a respected money lender. Remember, in this case, you would have to present a business plan describing the franchise opportunity in full. You’d also have to show how you plan to run your operation and become profitable.

You’ll Be Prepared to Handle Your Future Responsibilities

In addition to intensively training you, The Seasons Art Class will send you operational manuals, marketing collateral and that’s not all. Once your arts and crafts franchise is up and running, the brand’s head office team will always be there when you need them. You’ll be able to get your questions answered and receive the guidance you need.

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