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Martson’s Has Discovered the Perfect Pub Formula

The Martson’s enterprise is made up of over one thousand individual pubs. This highly successful company has found out exactly how to satisfy pub-goers, and it’s now ready to pass on its secrets. Benefit now by taking the franchise opportunities Marston’s is offering.

Pubs of All Kinds

Martson’s establishments provide customers with true comfort, and an ideal space in which to socialise and unwind. The company has refined its brewing process over its many years in the industry, and now proudly boasts it created the perfect pint. But there’s more than just alcohol on offer. Within the brand’s substantial network there are rotisserie pub restaurants, pubs that offer daily carveries, and more.

How a Marston’s Pub Franchise Works

You’ll be able to choose from pre-built pubs with existing customer bases in both town centres and villages. Regardless of which you choose, there’s certain to be an ample supply of business opportunities.

Once you’ve found one that suits, and passed the franchisee selection process, you’ll be able to enter into a long-term agreement with Marston’s. This normally lasts for a period of five years, but it can be renewed. However, it’s important to realise that you must provide proof to Marston’s that you’ve asked for professional advice from both an accountant and a solicitor before you finalise this. This is a requirement of the Statutory Pub Code.

After this has all been done, you can pay the necessary fees, and get the training you need. You’ll then move into the pub itself and live rent-free. It goes without saying that this’ll greatly reduce your monthly expenses, and shorten your commute to work to a short walk down the stairs.

Marston’s will not restrict you in any way. In fact, you’ll be encouraged to innovate and think of new ideas that’ll satisfy your customers. All the company will ask of you, is to uphold the standards that have made it successful.

Learn if You Could Partner With the Brand

Wondering what’s needed to take full advantage of this special bar franchise business opportunity? You’ll have to be able to manage staff, and reach high standards of customer service on a consistent basis, as well as handle finances and stock responsibly. With that said, Marston’s will not expect you to have run a pub before. The company is ready to provide you with extensive training, so you’re fully up to speed before you take the reins.

What Does It Take to Invest?

Here’s a breakdown of the typical Martson’s pub franchise costs…

You’ll need to be able to pay a franchise fee of £25,000 plus VAT, and you must also have between £20,000 and £25,000 in working capital. But keep in mind, Marston’s also recommends that all its franchisees have additional money to cover further expenses as well. Remember, you’ll most likely need to enlist a solicitor, an accountant, and a surveyor. Plus, you’ll need to cover any costs related to setting up your business.

Further to this, you’ll be charged an on-going business fee that will constitute just 1.25% of your turnover.

In return for your payment, you’ll get induction training and wide-ranging on-going support. Your income will be made up of 20% of your unit’s monthly turnover, as well as 20% of the profit it generates.

Getting a Bank Loan

Bar franchises are often profitable. This is a fact that’s backed up by statistics. But unfortunately, you can’t simply approach a moneylender and say you want help investing in a franchise for sale, even one that’s as famous as Martson’s. You’ll first need to present a business plan and showcase how you’ll make the most of the funds you’re given.

The Training & Support You Can Expect

Martson’s will prepare you to run your bar franchise – you’ll undergo an in-depth training programme. This will be suitable for both you, and your team. On top of this, you’ll also be assigned an area manager who’ll help you with your transition.

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