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Punch Pubs & Co Helps Both Aspiring & Experienced Publicans

The Punch Pubs & Co network consists of over 1,300 pubs. All of these establishments are run by highly trained publicans who’ve entered into mutually beneficial agreements with Punch. But despite its size, the brand has no plans of stopping growing. It’s for this reason that yet more franchise opportunities are opening up.

A Wide Array of Establishments

Punch Pubs & Co enables prospective franchisees to browse through a list of available establishments. There are standard pubs, pub and restaurant combinations and more. All are in locations with ample business opportunities. You would simply need to identify a pub that best suits your needs and current financials.

Choose From Three Different Kinds of Bar Franchises

Every Punch Pubs & Co franchise partner is given a choice between three separate agreement types. These being a management partnership, turnover tenancy or turnover lease. All three include living accommodation, training, access to the Punch buying club, expert coaching and advice as well as an Electronic Point of Sale system. However, there are key differences…

The management partnership is for a period of five years and includes the option to provide a food menu for customers. Bills and maintenance costs are also all covered by Punch Pubs & Co.

The turnover tenancy and turnover lease arrangements are similar. However, a tenancy would provide you with a three- to five-year agreement, while the lease option lasts for a full 10 years. Bills and maintenance costs aren’t covered and a food menu cannot be offered to customers.

Learn Who Fits the Bill

This bar franchise business opportunity isn’t exclusively for experienced publicans. But there’s no doubt it would be beneficial if you had run such an establishment before. However, you shouldn’t be concerned if you haven’t. Punch Pubs & Co would simply recommend that you enter into a management partnership, so they can give you even more support.

The Price of This Exciting Franchise Opportunity Revealed

Punch Pubs & Co franchise costs will vary based on factors such as the size and location of the establishment you want to run. What’s more, the brand’s three agreement types all have different deposit requirements.

A management partnership requires an initial fee of £3,000, while you’ll have to pay a minimum of £1,000 for a turnover tenancy and £6,000 for a turnover lease. A typical overall investment will range between £8,000 and £13,000 once additional expenses such as legal fees and working capital have been taken into account. But you’ll find that this is still a relatively low cost investment when compared with other similar bar restaurant franchise opportunities.

Regardless of which franchise agreement type you choose, you’ll benefit from industry-leading training and coaching as well as superior marketing support.

Request Help From a Money Lender

While Punch Pubs & Co doesn’t currently offer to finance franchisees directly, you can still get the funding support you need. Take a detailed business plan to a major bank’s franchise department and present the franchise opportunity. You’ll then get a response within the next few working days telling you whether you’ve qualified for a loan.

You’ll Be Educated at the Punch Pubs & Co Academy

When you become a Punch Pubs & Co franchisee, you’ll be sent to the brand’s academy. This remarkable facility features two separate fully functioning bars as well as a cellar. It’s an ideal environment where you can learn everything you need to know about running a pub. On top of this, there’s an industry-standard product development kitchen in which you can learn how to cook for your customers. In addition to classrooms where you can enhance your knowledge of general pub management.

By the time your instruction at the academy has concluded, you’ll be ready to take charge of your bar franchise. But that doesn’t mean your training will stop there. You’ll get access to Punch’s extensive online courses, which cover subjects ranging from cellar maintenance to social media marketing.

While in charge of your pub, you’ll be supported by teams of qualified and experienced operations managers. These experts will always be on hand to help you grow your enterprise and provide you with guidance.

Make the First Move

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