How to Open a Coffee Shop Franchise in the UK

If you’ve always dreamed of opening a coffee shop in the UK, you may have been drawn to the business concept for a number of reasons. You may always have wanted to be your own boss, manage your own time, get involved in your community and have the independence that few businesses offer that coffee … Continued

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Social Media Marketing Tips For Franchises

One of the major selling points franchisors offer their prospective franchisees is a marketing budget which is used to market franchisees’ businesses locally. This budget and the associated marketing collateral or assets help a franchisee get on with what they do best and leave the marketing to the franchisor. This is why many franchisors have … Continued

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How to Open a Gym Franchise

With the Covid-19 pandemic thankfully behind us, many social distancing restrictions have fallen away. As such, gym-goers are back in full swing as they get back in shape and seek to stay healthy. If you are a savvy aspiring entrepreneur who is wondering how to start a gym franchise, this post is for you. Find … Continued

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The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in Franchising

Cultural diversity and inclusion are not just fluff words to be used to conveniently tick corporate boxes. Instead, they are important pillars of societal, community and business growth and development. But what role does cultural diversity and inclusion play in franchising and what do these terms mean in the first place? Read on to find … Continued

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How Much Does It Cost to Franchise Your Business?

Savvy entrepreneurs who have created their own business with a proven track record of success will be looking to expand and grow their venture to new heights. And this is exactly what franchising offers. Although the ability to earn from both your prospective franchisees’ initial investments and ongoing royalties is a great motivating factor for … Continued

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How to Franchise Your Service Business

If you currently run a service-based business and it has performed well over time with a proven business model, you may now be thinking about business expansion. One option you have is franchising. But with this comes the question of how to franchise a service business. Especially since service franchising, and franchising in general, are … Continued

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How to Buy a Franchise on a Limited Budget

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you have probably researched franchise opportunities. You know that because they offer a proven and profitable business model, this is a chance to be grabbed with both hands. However, few of us have the necessary amount of cash just lying around to make that dream a reality. But there are options … Continued

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How to Start Your Own Beauty Salon Franchise

Crunching some numbers, it has been estimated that the beauty industry in the UK was worth £27 billion just three years ago. Yes, the pandemic struck, but the industry is on the rise again. Why? Because men, women and children will always need haircuts alongside pampering themselves with a pedicure, a manicure or a spa … Continued

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How to Become a Cleaning Business Owner

Consider this interesting fact when looking to start your own business: in the United Kingdom, the domestic cleaning industry is one of the UK’s top ten industries and contributed £55.5 billion to the economy in 2018. And these astounding figures are only expected to grow over the next 10 years. With this in mind, you’ve … Continued

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