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Business Franchises - Why Invest?

Customers Will Recognise Your Brand From the Start

The hardest part of starting any new enterprise is building a brand and attracting clients. Franchise opportunities make this process far shorter and far easier. Mainly because the brand you’re partnering with will have done all the hard work for you. Your task will be to tap into the loyal customer base they’ve already established.

You Won’t Be Alone

Business franchises come with stability and the support of a brand with great resources. Many franchisors will actually assign dedicated support managers to their franchisees so there’s a direct line of communication whenever it’s needed.

Franchises Are Less Risky

If you were to start your own operation, you’d have to discover everything on your own. While on the other hand, investing in a franchise allows you to mimic the concept and model of a business that’s been there and done it.

Don’t Take Just Any Franchise Business Opportunity

Rushing into a partnership with a brand can often lead to financial failure. To avoid this, you’ll need to carefully investigate your options and determine which business franchise for sale is the right investment. But before you do this, you need to perform a thorough self-evaluation…

How much of your own money are you willing to put in? Are you willing to work long, hard hours? Will you accept the responsibilities associated with running your own business and managing a team of staff? Is there a particular field that you believe fits you due to your previous experience and personal interests? Answer these questions and you’ll be ready to start your research into current franchise opportunities for sale.

When you take a hard look at any brand, you need to find out if they require previous experience in the industry in which they’re based. While you should bear in mind that many franchisors will accept applicants of all backgrounds, there will be particular organisations, like those in the security industry, for example, that will insist you have certain qualifications and even certifications before you invest in a franchise. If you don’t match what they’re looking for, cross them off your list immediately.

You’ll also need to ensure you can afford the expected initial investment. Of course, a number of franchisors will offer to directly finance a large percentage of this fee, but in the event they don’t, you can approach a bank for a loan, if necessary. Don’t forget, partnering with more high-profile brands will cost significantly more.

Once you’ve done your due diligence and found the right opportunity, submit an inquiry. You can do this through the franchisor’s website. Shortly afterwards, you’ll receive a detailed information pack, and you’ll be contacted to arrange a telephone discussion. During this chat, ask any questions you may have. If you like the answers, accept an invitation to a Discovery Day. This is a face-to-face meeting between you, your potential parent company and other prospective franchisees where you can find out further details about how a franchise agreement will benefit you.

If you’re still happy to proceed once the meeting has concluded, you’ll be given the chance to talk with current franchisees and find out the day-to-day demands of their operations. Then, not long after this, you’ll be able to discuss signing the agreement. Once you sign on the dotted line, you’ll be given training, a wide range of equipment and materials to get you started and the full on-going backing of the established brand you’re joining. It’s really that simple.

The Business World Is Full of Possibilities for an Aspiring Entrepreneur

More and more entrepreneurs are deciding to invest in a business franchise rather than start their own independent operation. This is for one simple reason – the overwhelming majority of them succeed. Plus, they allow individuals to fulfil their dreams of being their own boss while not taking on significant risk. But with so many different business opportunities out there, it can be hard to know which option is the correct one.

Information Technology. Mailing and shipping. Property and real estate. There are just too many industries to name – and you’ll be able to choose between every one. But you won’t be restricted to just one franchise. In fact, once most franchisees gain the experience and capital that comes with one successful franchise, they often move on to buy another and establish their own network. This enables them to order larger amounts of supplies in bulk to cover each of their establishments and make their operations even more profitable. The possibilities are truly endless!

It’s also important to realise that franchisees can always rely on their parent companies to provide advice and support whenever they need it. This is the true beauty of investing in a franchise – it allows for a more streamlined path to profitability that’s made simpler by the knowledge and experience of global brands.

There Are a Few Final Factors for You to Consider…

You Won’t Be Expected to Cover the Initial Investment Outright

Present the franchise business opportunity you’ve researched to an investor such as a bank. Many will be prepared to offer funding that will cover up to 70% of your start-up fees. And this isn’t only because many franchisors have contacts in the financial sector. There’s compelling evidence that suggests nine out of every 10 franchises achieve success.

You’ll Undergo Training Before Your Franchise Launches

Following your investment in a franchise business for sale, you’ll almost certainly be required to complete a series of training courses so you’re properly prepared. The exact nature of this educational period varies from brand to brand, but it’s normal for you to attend at least a few days at the brand’s main office. You may even then be given access to training videos that you can view at any time.

Your Franchisor Will Help You With Marketing

The prospect of marketing a business franchise you’ve just invested in can be daunting. Especially if you have no previous experience with social media promotions or marketing campaigns. However, as part of the agreement you sign, you’ll likely be given digital and physical promotional materials and guidance on how to use them. As a matter of fact, some franchisors will handle your launch marketing completely on your behalf.

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