Kerb Appeal Introduces New Service: Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repair, Wherever You Are

date icon 1 minute to read date icon 1st August, 2023

UK-based alloy wheel refurbishment specialists Kerb Appeal have announced the launch of a brand new service. The 11-year-old brand has introduced the Diamond Cut alloy wheel repair service to its customers, who have the so-called “diamond cut” type of wheels on their vehicles.

What sets this service apart from all the rest is partially the fact that customers no longer need to leave their vehicles in-house for their wheels to be repaired. Instead, with Kerb Appeal, they can now call in a mobile unit to repair the wheels, at a time and place that is convenient for them.

Typically, these types of services required taking the vehicle in-house to a specialist, who would remove the tyres from the vehicle and then attend to each one, leaving the vehicle off the road and unable to be used.

However, with Kerb Appeals’ new service, customers can now enjoy the convenience of having their diamond cut alloy wheels repaired to perfection anywhere they may be located – at the office, at home or somewhere else.

The service works in the following ways: a customer contacts the brand to book their service. After this, a mobile unit is dispatched to the desired location. From there, experienced and trained specialists will do the following:

  • Remove the wheels from the vehicle
  • Take the tyres off
  • Start with the surgical repair process
  • Sanding
  • Re-contouring
  • Re-shaping
  • Hand-finished polishing, and
  • A final waxing.

In addition to the above, the customer’s wheels are balanced at the end of the service so that their wheels will look brand new.

It often happens that our wheels get damaged, especially with a mistimed parallel parking that may see you scrape your wheels against a kerb. However, with Kerb Appeal, these scratches, dents and bumps will be a thing of the past, ensuring your vehicle and its tyres look absolutely amazing.