How Can AI Technologies Influence Your Marketing Strategy?

With most franchisors having internal marketing departments, you will be well aware that this task has been highly labour-intensive until now. Over the past few years, and especially the last few months, there’s been a rise in artificial intelligence (AI) tools. Siri and Alexa aside, many franchisors already use AI in their marketing efforts in … Continued

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Which Industries Are Most Likely to Franchise?

In the UK, the franchise industry, although unregulated, is extensive and it’s expected to see continued growth over the coming years. If you currently run a business and want to know what are the most common franchise industries or you’re a prospective franchisee doing their homework, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, … Continued

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Franchise Training: The Most Common Questions Answered

Franchisors who sell their franchise opportunities to prospective franchisees often offer a range of benefits that come with the package. There is usually a mix of training and support, marketing and advertising, business development, location build and outfitting, recruitment, financing and payroll and a whole lot more. When you are evaluating different franchise opportunities, you … Continued

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Complete Email Marketing Guide for Franchises

Franchisors have a dual job when it comes to marketing. On the one hand, they market to their customers. On the other hand, they market to prospective franchisees. One of the best ways to achieve this dual objective is through email marketing. The reason behind this is simple: it’s a highly effective way of building … Continued

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The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in Franchising

Cultural diversity and inclusion are not just fluff words to be used to conveniently tick corporate boxes. Instead, they are important pillars of societal, community and business growth and development. But what role does cultural diversity and inclusion play in franchising and what do these terms mean in the first place? Read on to find … Continued

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How to Franchise Your Service Business

If you currently run a service-based business and it has performed well over time with a proven business model, you may now be thinking about business expansion. One option you have is franchising. But with this comes the question of how to franchise a service business. Especially since service franchising, and franchising in general, are … Continued

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Franchising Basics: What is Franchise Development?

Almost every successful business owner thinks about ways of scaling their business and replicating that success elsewhere. Their options often include doing this through the application of their well-established business model in other locations. When a business owner seeks to pursue franchising as a way of expansion, the process is often referred to as franchise … Continued

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How to Maintain a Good Franchise Reputation Online

No business wishes to be in a position of having to deal with mistakes and unhappy customers. But the reality is that it happens. Business owners have two options in such cases: ignore or avoid the situation, and deal with it half-heartedly. Alternatively, they can respond and address concerns promptly and directly, which will ultimately … Continued

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How To Find Franchisees To Grow Your Business

The discussion in the franchising world is shifting from how to find franchisees to how to find good franchisees. If you are finding that you’re receiving a lot of leads but few of them are high-quality ones, then you may need to rethink your franchise recruitment process. But what is franchise recruitment, why is it … Continued

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