How to Value a Franchise Business

Determining the value of your business is an important first step in starting the process to franchising. Alternatively, if you’d like to sell your existing franchise business or you’ve got a franchise unit for sale, you need to know how to value a business so that you get the best price for it. While there … Continued

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How Much Does It Cost to Franchise Your Business?

Savvy entrepreneurs who have created their own business with a proven track record of success will be looking to expand and grow their venture to new heights. And this is exactly what franchising offers. Although the ability to earn from both your prospective franchisees’ initial investments and ongoing royalties is a great motivating factor for … Continued

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How to Buy a Franchise on a Limited Budget

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you have probably researched franchise opportunities. You know that because they offer a proven and profitable business model, this is a chance to be grabbed with both hands. However, few of us have the necessary amount of cash just lying around to make that dream a reality. But there are options … Continued

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How To Build a Budget for Your Franchise

A franchise budget is the cornerstone of managing your franchise’s finances and cash flow. Although numbers may not be your strong point, creating a budget for a franchise is an instrumental part of your business’ success. It’s a crucial part of your business plan before you even get started. And it’s also important. This is … Continued

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Understanding Franchising Return on Investment

Any franchisee candidate will want to know what sort of returns their franchise investment will yield. Of course, calculating return on investment (ROI) in the franchising industry differs quite significantly from other investments such as those related to property and real estate or the stock market. If you’re looking for more clarity on what ROI … Continued

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The Hidden Costs of Buying a Franchise

Franchising is a major investment decision that will have an impact on your life for the duration of the franchise agreement. Because it can involve significant costs – depending on the franchise opportunity you choose – you need to be aware of all the franchise costs (including those that appear to be “hidden”) when determining … Continued

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Complete Guide to Franchise Costs and Fees

Aspiring entrepreneurs who have decided to pursue a franchising opportunity know that buying a franchise is possibly one of the biggest investments they will make in their lives. But this investment is worth it in most cases in an industry that’s worth around £17 billion in the UK alone. Not only do prospective franchisees have … Continued

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How much does a franchise cost upfront and which one to choose?

One of the crucial factors for potential franchisees in making a purchasing decision and buying a franchise is the cost of owning a franchise. Since this is an important investment, which will depend on your levels of finance, you need to know exactly what you’re getting into. But the franchising world can seem a bit … Continued

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5 Most Common Funding Sources For Franchise Business Development

To develop, maintain and continue growing a franchise operation requires skill, time and money. From consultation costs, marketing and advertising fees, operational equipment, products, staffing and payroll, utilities and more – one thing is certain. And that is that the world of franchising requires some form of capital in order to get going. If, after … Continued

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