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Suit the City Offers Premium Tailored Clothing

Suit the City uses the latest manufacturing technology to create high-quality bespoke garments suitable for all genders.

You can use the brand’s tried and tested model to build your own business – take one of Suit the City’s franchise opportunities today.


Suit the City evaluates each of its clients needs in detail. The team takes into account a customer’s personality, style, shape, occasion, and budget – they call this the ‘Focus 5’ formula. The types of clothing available ranges from traditional formal suits to casual garments.

Profit From a Proven Business Model

If you choose to start your own Suit the City franchise, you’ll work out of a geographically-defined protected territory. It’s important to realise that unlike with other clothing franchises, you’ll only play a very limited part in the creation of your customer’s new clothes…

You and your team will act as consultant tailors – clients will come to your studio, you’ll provide advice and take their measurements, and then send their order to the main Suit the City team. The garments will typically be delivered to customers within 2 months.

You’ll be able to operate from a small-sized studio and you can keep your overheads low. Keep in mind Suit the City will not stop you from opening a home based studio. Although you should be aware that working from your personal property may limit your growth.

Presenting the Perfect Suit the City Franchisee

You may think that these clothing franchise opportunities are exclusively for qualified, experienced tailors. But you’d be wrong. Suit the City is on the lookout for any entrepreneur with the ambition to make their own mark in the clothing industry. You must be a team player who’s comfortable managing staff and communicating with customers directly. You’ll also need to be an enthusiastic networker able to identify and then capitalise upon new business opportunities. If you measure up, send your application to the brand today.

How Much Is It?

You’ll find that a Suit the City franchise costs £19,950 or £22,950, depending on whether you choose to operate a men’s or women’s clothing business. On top of this, you’ll need to find between £12,000 and £15,000 to cover the rent for an office, as well as other start-up expenses during your first few months in operation. Although these figures will vary depending on your specific circumstances. You should expect to pay between £32,000 and £42,000 overall.

In addition to the initial investment, you almost must pay two on-going fees. These being a monthly marketing levy of £295, and a management fee that will amount to 10% of your gross sales. Despite these extra costs, the majority of Suit the City franchisees break even within their first 12 months.

What’ll you get in return? A license to use the company’s branding, induction training, a detailed instructional manual, continuous support, equipment, in addition to access to Suit the City’s custom-made systems.

Request a Startup Loan

Usually, Suit the City franchisees are able to get up to 50% of their initial investment covered by a bank loan. But you can’t simply go to a moneylender and say you’ve found a clothing franchise for sale that suits you. You’ve got to describe the franchise opportunity, lay out your strategy, and provide a financial forecast. Your request will then be reviewed, and approved, subject to status.

The Franchisee Induction Programme

Your training will be carried out at Suit the City’s head office. It’ll last for a number of days and cover a wide range of subjects. These will include fabrics, styles, measuring customers, ordering the clothing, and so on. After you’ve completed this induction programme, you’ll be trained for another 12 weeks. You’ll be assisted by one of the company’s directors personally until you’re confident, competent, and ready to manage your clothing franchise.

To ensure you’re as productive as possible from day-to-day, Suit the City will provide you with an accounts package, and a database system. Plus, you’ll be sent the equipment needed to measure your clients, design books, clothing samples, marketing collateral, and much more.

If you’re contemplating taking this franchise opportunity, you should send an enquiry and request further information. It’s easily done – fill out this form and submit it. It’ll take just seconds.

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