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Mail Boxes Etc. Has a Proven Business Model

Mail Boxes Etc. offers a wide range of services to both businesses and individual customers. These include mailing & shipping, printing, packing and much more. Due to the brand’s success, its network has grown large and it is still expanding. There’s never been a better time to take the franchise opportunities the company is offering.

Introducing the Company’s Services

Customers can bring their goods to one of the brand’s establishments to get them packed and shipped. They can request that their items be enclosed within custom-made boxes or crates, and they’re even able to choose which type of wrapping and tape is used. After this has been done, each client is able to choose between Mail Boxes Etc.’s reliable courier partners who can perform express deliveries on request.

In addition to this, the company’s trained professionals can expertly design, print and copy business cards, leaflets and flyers, letterheads and so on. The brand can also offer a mailbox and virtual office service. This enables customers or businesses to have a professional address separate from their real office or home.

Learn What It Means to Be a Mail Boxes Etc. Franchise Partner

You’ll manage your own brick-and-mortar outlet offering all the services the company has become known for. Your days will be spent both in and out of your store as you look to grow your enterprise.

You’ll have help at every stage of the set-up process. You won’t be asked to find a suitable area for your establishment by yourself. The brand’s franchise team will step in and look through potential locations with you. Once they’ve found you a territory that will have a steady supply of business opportunities for you to capitalise upon, they’ll assist you during the lease negotiations.

While you’re running your courier services franchise, the company will make sure your store gets as much exposure as possible. For instance, if a customer is searching for a Mail Boxes Etc. outlet in your area, they’ll be able to find you through the brand’s main website. They’ll then be able to contact you and request quotes online. This will prove invaluable as you build your customer base.

There’s No Ideal Candidate

This franchise opportunity is best suited to driven and determined entrepreneurs. You won’t need specific experience.

The Investment & Expected Return

The amount that your particular Mail Boxes Etc. franchise costs will be based on factors such as size, location and required equipment. However, you should expect to invest roughly £60,000 to £70,000. You’ll need to pay a minimum of £25,000 upfront.

If you decide to pay these fees and start your own courier business franchise under the brand’s umbrella, you’ll receive full support. This includes, but won’t be limited to, operational help, marketing assistance, continuous training and that’s not all.

Rest assured that you’ll get a strong return on your investment. Mail Boxes Etc. estimates that its franchisees should make anywhere between £100,000 and £500,000 per year, although these numbers aren’t guaranteed. It will be your responsibility to maximise your earnings.


You can get up to 70% of the capital needed to partner with Mail Boxes Etc. from a loan. Don’t forget, courier franchises have a high rate of success and, therefore, your request is likely to be approved.

Training & Support

Concerned that you’ll be dropped in the deep end? Don’t be. Before you take the reins of your courier franchise, Mail Boxes Etc. will provide you with full training. This will include a week of learning in an active store and a further week being taught during seminars. These lessons will cover a wide range of subjects like marketing, operating procedures, staff training and more. On top of this, during the 14 days before your store’s grand opening, you’ll undergo pre-opening training with both the company’s personnel and its suppliers.

You can also expect ongoing marketing support from Mail Boxes Etc. The team at the company’s head office will always be thinking of new ideas to attract new customers to your store.

How Can You Learn More About This Franchise Opportunity?

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