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PACK & SEND Franchise – Take on a Trade Name That Inspires Trust

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PACK & SEND, a Company Which Can Transport Items Anywhere Safely

It doesn’t matter whether a customer needs postal, freight, packing, or removal services, they can come to PACK & SEND. This acclaimed brand has never been more popular and is expanding at an exponential rate. Get on board while you can – learn about the franchise opportunities the company is offering below.

End-to-end Services

PACK & SEND ensures the protection of its customers’ goods by wrapping them in industry-standard packing materials such as bubble wrap and custom foam-packaging. They can then transport these items by road, air, or sea. These possessions can be covered by comprehensive loss and damage cover with no upper limit if the customer so chooses. Further to this team, the team at PACK & SEND is able to provide assistance with import documents as required.

Here’s What Would Be Expected of You

There’s a good reason why courier franchises are considered excellent investments. They allow aspiring entrepreneurs to enter a competitive, lucrative market with the support of an experienced team, and a recognisable name above their door. If you become a PACK & SEND franchise partner, you’ll have this exact experience. You’ll be trained to lead a team and offer the same services as your parent company. From day-to-day, you’ll pack items, process shipments, order materials, manage your accounts, and more.

The brand’s dedicated franchise team will help you find suitable premises in an area with many business opportunities. They’ll also guide and support you through the lease negotiation process, connect you with a supplier, help you set up your inventory and fit your store, as well as provide on-site training and assistance during your first week in operation.

Throughout your first year with PACK & SEND, you’ll benefit from lead generation and marketing support guarantees. The company will supply you with a pre-agreed number of leads, and also match however much you spend on marketing during the 12 months. Although this support won’t exceed £6000.

Is This Franchise Opportunity for You?

You should know that courier franchise opportunities such as this are ideally suited to those who have some level of familiarity with sales and management. If this sounds like you – apply. Of course, you must also show PACK & SEND that you have the organisational and communication skills to succeed. Don’t have any freight or logistics experience? That won’t be a problem, as the brand will train you fully.

A PACK & SEND franchise costs…

Between £110,000 and £120,000 on average. This total is made up of several different expenses. This includes a £29,500 license payment and £5000 worth of legal fees, as well as store-opening costs that amount to £50,000, and up to £35,000 of working capital.

In exchange for this outlay, you’ll get a sizeable territory exclusive to you, help with the shopfitting, a range of equipment, marketing support, extensive training, and more. This package is designed to ensure that your courier services franchise gets off to the best possible start.

Enjoy Favourable Lending Terms

You’ll only need between £50,000 and £60,000 in liquid capital to start your courier business franchise. The remainder of the required investment can be provided through a loan. PACK & SEND will put you in touch with its banking partners, who’ll be able to offer you favourable terms. Although you must bear in mind that loans will only be approved subject to status. Simply stated, this means you’ll only be eligible for financial assistance if your credit score is acceptable, and your income at least matches the minimum threshold level.

PACK & SEND’s Franchisee Training Programme Revealed

Your training will last for four weeks or more. Over the course of this period, you’ll be taught about the brand’s shipping services and packing techniques. In addition, you’ll learn how to handle all aspects of your courier franchise, from recruiting and managing employees to sales and marketing. Following the completion of this programme, you’ll be provided with access to PACK & SEND’s intranet, so you can continue your training at times that suit you.

Connect With the Brand

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