Local SEO Is Vital

Local search engine optimisation is a technique that enables you to raise the online profile of your business in a certain area. This service shouldn’t be confused with our organic SEO service. Here’s why…

Local search engine optimisation takes into account specific geographical locations. Imagine that you’re a prospective client and you’re looking for a business in your area. It would only be natural to submit a search that includes the service you are after, as well as the name of the location you are based in. A search engine like Google would then return results relevant to that particular local area for you, displaying local results through Google Business Profile. Thus, if you want your franchisees’ outlets to be one of the first entries that potential customers see, you’ll need to carry out local SEO.

Organic SEO, on the other hand, uses your website to raise your ranking for all other searches which don’t include geographical locations. It’s important to realise that local and organic SEO are of equal importance and to get the best results, you’ll need to use both.

There’s compelling evidence that proves local SEO is vital for both you and your franchisees. As a matter of fact, recent studies have shown that approximately 46% of all Google searches include local search terms – that’s just under half your target audience! On top of this, around 72% of people who search for local businesses proceed to visit the establishment in person while roughly half will go to an outlet within just 24 hours after they first submitted a search.

But you must understand that in order to carry out successful local search engine optimisation, you’ll need the right experience and tools. You’ll also have to be aware of how to apply both onsite and offsite SEO – the adjustment of elements such as keywords and content on your website, as well as the implementation of backlinks from another site.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, the solution is simple. The easiest way to ensure that your franchise SEO has a positive impact is by using an acclaimed digital marketing agency like Franchise Fame. We’ll handle it all on your behalf.


How It Works

We’ll work closely with you to set your franchisees up with their own localised websites, content, and listings on Google. They’ll also need to be added to any business directories for their area. Everything created will remain consistent with your brand. Of course, before we undertake any actions, we’ll first sit down with you and talk through exactly what your requirements are. You’ll be able to take this opportunity to tell us your budget too. We’ll then formulate a bespoke local SEO plan designed to suit your unique needs.

You should know that we’ll communicate with your franchise partners directly. We’ll use their knowledge of their areas and target audience to create rich, informative content that raises their visibility. Furthermore, we’ll give both you, and them, a direct line to our franchise marketing team, so you can get any questions about our local SEO for franchises answered.

As part of the process, our experts will perform in-depth research to determine what keywords are being used by prospective customers to find businesses that are local to them. This will enable us to stay on top of the constant updates that engines such as Google make to their search algorithms as well. In addition to this, if you would like us to, our seasoned experts will be prepared to adjust any existing content that you or your franchisees have, so it’s search engine optimised.

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Why You Need Our Local SEO Strategies for Franchises

Using our digital marketing for franchises ensures that your franchisees don’t miss out on a significant amount of traffic, and therefore revenue. As your partners earn more money they’ll be able to expand further. Due to this, the overall awareness of your brand will be greatly enhanced.

What’s more, if your franchisees know that you’re going to help them with search engine optimisation in their local area, they won’t be tempted to try to take care of it themselves. This will enable you to maintain control over the image of your brand as a whole and keep everything consistent. Don’t forget, if you were to leave your franchisees to their own devices, you’d have no guarantee that they wouldn’t invest in poorly designed, barely functional Google Business Profile pages, which when viewed by customers, could potentially harm your franchise network’s reputation. Make use of our local SEO for a franchise to prevent this from happening.

We Offer You Complete Transparency & Attention to Detail

We specialise in marketing for franchises. Our professionals have over 100 years of collective experience, and they’re ready to give you the benefit of their accumulated expertise. We’ll assist you with your local SEO needs, and help your franchisees get ahead of their local competition.

Throughout your time working with us, you’ll be able to enjoy total transparency. We’ll monitor and carefully analyse the performance of all our search engine optimisation initiatives, and make adjustments as necessary. Why would we take the time to do this? It’s important to us that you get the highest possible return on your investment. Other digital marketing agencies may be content to let you spend your money on ineffective strategies, but we never will be. Prefer to employ an in-house local SEO specialist instead? It may be difficult to believe but using Franchise Fame will actually be cheaper for you in the long term. We have a team of local SEO gurus to work on your franchisee listings, rather than one person to do it all. Moreover, you won’t have to buy the digital marketing tools required - we’ve already got them! Remember, in addition to implementing local SEO strategies for franchises, we also offer other services such as email marketing and Google Ads. Use them all to give yourself the best chance of success.
Taking pride in our local SEO service, our experts have helped thousands, yes, that's correct, thousands of franchisees rock the top of local searches and push competition down. Not only will you increase the visibility of your franchise business, but you will start generating more phone calls, driving direction requests and visits to your web page by potential prospects. Utilise the power of Google Business Profile to showcase as much information about your franchise as possible such as business descriptions, working hours, services you offer, customer reviews and impeccable reputation, which is of major importance to your business success. Follow the industry leaders to become one yourslef!
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