Organic SEO for Franchises - What Is It?

Organic search engine optimisation(SEO) involves techniques that raise the ranking of a given website in the results of a search engine like Google or Bing. It should not be confused with pay per click methods implemented through online advertising platforms such as Google AdWords. There’s compelling evidence, that if it’s implemented correctly, organic SEO is extremely effective – it’ll get your brand the exposure it needs, and ensure that both new clients and prospective franchisees visit your website in substantial numbers.

There are two main types of organic SEO: onsite and offsite. Onsite SEO necessitates the adjustment of elements on your website such as keywords, content, and titles. Meanwhile, offsite SEO involves other sites linking to yours.
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How Our Franchise SEO Services Work

Franchise SEO requirements are ever-changing. Search engines like Google are constantly updating their algorithms in order to give their users the most relevant results. As a direct consequence of this, the only way you can ensure that your website is always ranked highly is to use a digital marketing agency like Franchise Fame.

Our franchise marketing consultants will carry out thorough research with regards to what keywords aspiring entrepreneurs are currently using to find franchise opportunities. This will help us adjust your content so you consistently achieve high rankings, thus greatly increasing the likelihood that prospective franchisees will see your remarkable proposal before any other.

In addition to this, we can assess the existing content on your website and then perform expert optimisation and audits to improve your performance even further. Our digital marketing for franchises is truly all-inclusive!

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Take Advantage of Our SEO Expertise

Your competitors are almost certainly all using SEO to get ahead of you. We’ll help you keep pace with and get ahead of them all.

Improve Your Ranking

Rest assured that our marketing for franchises will be adjusted to suit your particular budget and requirements. We’ll use tried and tested SEO techniques to raise your placement in search results and attract more franchisees and clients on your behalf. Plus, if the pages on your website are of high quality, search engines will continue to direct traffic to them for many months after they were initially written.

But don’t forget, there are two main reasons why your fellow franchisors fail when it comes to SEO – poor quality writing, and duplicate content, and you must avoid both…

We’ll Help You Avoid Bad Habits

Many companies choose the cheap option of hiring writers who aren’t native English speakers. However, this greatly impacts the quality of the organic SEO for franchises on their site, as well as their domain authority – a score that affects search ranking. Don’t forget, as a general rule, if the writing on your site is rich, informative, and of a good length, you’ll have a strong domain authority rating. Keep in mind that this is exactly what you’ll get if you decide to work with Franchise Fame.

Of course, it’s also important to realise that poor content will raise your bounce rate. This is the percentage of users who visit your website and then quickly leave. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential franchisee or client for a moment. You click on a website that you believe will contain a franchise opportunity that suits you, only to find that the text is unreadable, and also almost completely irrelevant to what you were looking for.


Your first instinct is, naturally, to immediately close the site, and try to find a more suitable one. With Franchise Fame in your corner, you’ll stop this from happening and keep your bounce rate to a minimum.

Moreover, you should know that Google perceives duplicate content as a deliberate attempt to manipulate its search result rankings. If you were to do this on your own website, you’d risk having your search engine ranking lowered significantly. In some cases, you might be removed from the Google index entirely, meaning your website wouldn’t show up in search results at all. But with Franchise Fame, you won’t need to be concerned about this situation occurring. We’ll never reuse content.

Why You Should Consider Franchise Fame

Wondering why you should work with a digital marketing agency like Franchise Fame, instead of hiring a single staff member to perform your SEO?

Our team includes highly trained professionals who’ve spent years implementing organic SEO for franchises. In fact, this is where we started many years ago an SEO agency for the franchise sector. Our background in the industry enables us to assess your current SEO performance, and formulate a strategy to improve it. A single employee of yours won't be able to provide you with the results that we’ve proven we can deliver. Plus you get a whole team that knows what they are doing at a cost lower than hiring someone on a payroll. It's a no-brainer, really! Remember, to make the greatest impact possible, you'll need to combine our organic SEO service with other digital marketing channels.
We have helped dozens of franchisors over the years. Some were suspicious at first but quickly changed their mind once they saw their website climbing the pages of Google. Imagine the impact on your franchise if every time someone searched for your services you got found on top of Google's page one. How about if anyone searched for a franchise opportunity and wanted to buy into your business? Placing your website as an answer to their web query is the way to go. Just trust the process and the experts and enjoy the ride!
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