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Familiarise Yourself With CeX

CeX has been buying, selling and trading technology since 1992. Now a celebrated enterprise with outlets in multiple countries worldwide, the brand continues to grow. But the CeX team wants other like-minded entrepreneurs to learn from them and copy their success. That’s why you’ll find they’re offering franchise opportunities to one and all.

The Brand Has Perfected the Art of Resale

Televisions. DVDs and Blu-rays. Laptops. CDs. CeX deals in them all. But they’ll only sell goods that their clients can rely on…

Second-hand electronics are only appealing if they’re in good condition. CeX ensures this is the case every time by carefully testing each of the products they’ve bought from their customers. The company then puts a two-year warranty on every single one of them to give clients who intend to buy these items the assurance they need. This also has an added benefit of giving them a significant edge over their competition.

These methods have led to CeX being one of the most trusted companies in the industry.

Invest in a CeX Franchise With the Assurance of a Buy-back Guarantee

The technology market is only getting larger. By becoming a CeX franchise partner, you’re giving yourself the chance to break through to a sector that experiences a consistently high level of demand that never decreases. You will be aided by a company that’s been operating in the industry for 29 years. You’ll be taught everything you need to know.

Don’t forget, unlike other electronics franchise opportunities, if you invest and then find the venture isn’t going as planned, you can ask CeX to take over your store. The brand will then give you a refund on your stock, shop and fit expenses. Where’s the risk in that?

Will You Be Suitable?

While you’ll be joining a network of retail franchises, it won’t be essential that you have experience in the retail industry. As you’ll go through a comprehensive training programme before you take your new role as a business owner. Remember, the responsibilities associated with this position will include managing and motivating staff, interacting with customers and handling your stock. Consequently, good communication skills and a history of leadership in a business setting will make you a more attractive applicant.

The Capital You’ll Require

CeX franchise costs will usually come to a total between £150,000 and £250,000. You will need to invest at least £40,000 of your own capital. This price will cover your stock, shopfitting and so much more. But what will you get in return?

This package includes all the necessary training in addition to intranet and business service support as well as branded uniforms and a bespoke EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale). And that’s far from all!

The CeX Franchise Team Will Help You Find Funding

Don’t have the necessary capital? You should pursue financing. There are several factors that will stand you in good stead with potential investors. These being the success of electronics franchises in general, the fact CeX is a member of the British Franchise Association as well as the company’s accreditation by several major banks. Moreover, CeX will help you draw up the business plan you’ll need to present when you come to ask for funding.

You’ll Get the Practical Experience You Need

To truly understand what will be required of you once you’ve invested in a franchise for sale, you’ll need to perform store duties yourself. Accordingly, the training you’ll undergo after signing your agreement will be based almost entirely in brick-and-mortar outlets. This will last for a minimum of 12 weeks. During which time you’ll learn operational procedures, business ownership principles, how to operate the brand’s bespoke point of sale systems and more. After this period has concluded, you’ll be both competent and confident. But this won’t be the end of the support you receive.

You’ll be assigned a regional franchise manager who will be ready to assist you with anything you need during the first months of your enterprise.

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