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About Full of Beans Fitness & Sports Coaching

Full of Beans Fitness & Sports Coaching delivers physical activity programmes designed for children aged between two and eleven. These activities teach kids the importance of being physically fit, and having a healthy lifestyle.

As of today, there are several Full of Beans franchise opportunities open. Would you take one?

The Brand’s Mission Is to Make Physical Activity Fun for Children

The Full of Beans Fitness & Sports Coaching team works with nurseries, children’s centres, primary and secondary schools, as well as holiday clubs, and individual parents.

For children in the Early Years Foundation Stage, Full of Beans can offer 45-60 minute classes that meet Physical Development Goals and comply with the National Curriculum for Physical Education. While those children at school age can enjoy improved Physical Education lessons, in addition to before school, lunchtime, and afterschool clubs for dance, football, athletics, and that’s not all.

Full of Beans also gives parents and educators the chance to book its Mini-me Yoga classes. During these sessions, adults can learn how to teach children the art of yoga, and improve their wellbeing.

All the classes described above are led by extensively trained experts who’ve been chosen using the Safer Recruitment Guidelines.

Fulfil Your Dream of Business Ownership

If you become a Full of Beans Fitness & Sports Coaching franchise partner, you’ll be given a five-year license to use the company’s branding and services within the area you’re assigned. This location will be a geographically-defined territory that’s exclusive to you. No other Full of Beans franchisee will be able to take the business opportunities within. What advantages do you gain from using this Trade Name? Schools and nurseries will only want to hire organisations that they know will help children develop. Usually, building this kind of reputation would take many years. But with Full of Beans, you’ll have it from the start.

While you’re running your kids entertainment franchise, you’ll be able to rely on the company for support. They’ll train you, give you a comprehensive equipment package, and even help you plan your lessons. What’s more, by following the brand’s proven business model, you’ll be able to avoid the obstacles that independent entrepreneurs normally hit.

Does Your Professional Background Matter?

To invest in other franchises in the entertainment industry, you may need to have particular training or expertise. With Full of Beans Fitness & Sports Coaching, you won’t. But you must be driven, determined, and willing to learn – the company will tell you how to achieve sports coaching qualifications, but it’ll be up to you to earn them. Of course, if this isn’t possible for whatever reason, you can assume a management role, and bring in staff who do have these qualifications.

Choose From Three Different Payment Plans

Want to know how much a Full of Beans Fitness & Sports Coaching franchise costs? It depends on which low cost payment option you decide on…

Your first option is to pay £9,900 upfront. If you do this you won’t have to make any further payments.

Your second option is to provide £5,000, and then pay £100 per month for a period of five years. This’ll amount to £11,000 overall.

Your third and final option is to give the company £3,000, and then provide £140 every month for five years. This’ll come to £11,400 in total.

No matter which you choose, you’ll get an all-inclusive franchise package that includes intensive training, a branded uniform, a DBS certificate, lesson plans, a personalised website, stationery, and more. After you’ve been in operation for two years, you should expect to make £62,000 in revenue.

Ask for Financial Support

If you can’t afford to invest in a Full of Beans Fitness & Sports Coaching franchise, you should go to a reputable moneylender and request a loan. Remember, entertainment franchises have a high rate of success – potential investors will much rather fund your venture, than a risky independent start-up.

Familiarise Yourself With Franchisee Training & Support

You’ll undergo a week of induction training before your child entertainment franchise launches. Full of Beans Fitness & Sports Coaching will also provide you with an operations manual, and on-going support.

Get a Full of Beans Fitness & Sports Coaching Franchise Prospectus

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