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Gymboree Play & Music Wants to Expand

What is Gymboree Play & Music? It’s a leading brand in the child entertainment and development market. The company provides parents with the chance to take part in special, entertaining classes with their children.

You can learn how to use this proven business model. Discover more about the franchise opportunities Gymboree is offering below.

Classes That Aren’t Just for Fun

Art classes. Music classes. Family classes. Gymboree Play & Music offers it all and so much more. These lessons enable young children to not only have fun but develop cognitively and emotionally. Parents are allowed to remain with their children at all times and are never separated from them.

The Gymboree Play & Music Franchise Model Explained

As a franchisee, you’ll be given an exclusive geographically-defined territory in which to provide all Gymboree classes. This area will include a large number of business opportunities for you to take advantage of. The company will train you, provide you with lesson plans, equipment and supplies and give you extensive in-person support during your first few sessions.

Unlike with other entertainment franchises, you won’t need to purchase or rent a specific single property. You’ll be able to provide your services in a range of venues located within your assigned area. There will be no restrictions and you’ll have complete control. This being said, if you’d prefer for the brand’s franchise team to step in and help you find suitable venues, you need simply ask.

You’ll be buying into an established brand with a proven track record. As a result, parents will know that they can trust you to lead developmental classes that will benefit their children. This will be absolutely invaluable as you build your customer base.

Are You Up for the Challenge?

If you mean to partner with Gymboree Play & Music and start your own kids’ entertainment franchise, you’ll need certain skills. But this doesn’t mean you must have worked in the sector before. Many of the brand’s current franchisees come from a diverse range of backgrounds – they’re former nurses, teachers, business people and so on. You’ll be trained to handle all your responsibilities no matter what your level of previous experience is. However, it goes without saying you must be prepared to achieve the highest standards of customer service, staff management and marketing.

Your Expenses

A typical Gymboree Play & Music franchise costs between £60,000 and £93,000 overall, once all expenses have been taken into account. But prices can vary. It’s also important to realise that this total will be affected by whether you choose the full or lite franchise model…

The full option will cost you £23,500 plus VAT initially. This includes £12,500 worth of equipment, £4,000 of supplies, and a £7,000 franchise fee. If you chose the lite model instead, you’d need to pay £11,000 plus VAT. This would cover both the supplies and franchise fee, but you wouldn’t get the equipment.

Regardless of which option you decide upon, you’ll receive induction training, detailed pre-made lesson plans, marketing materials, bespoke software and that’s not all. But bear in mind that you’ll also need to pay a royalty and a marketing fee. These will take 6% and 1% of your annual gross turnover, respectively.

You Can Borrow a Portion of the Capital Required to Invest

While you’ll need to supply a certain amount of money yourself, the remainder can be provided through a bank loan. The vast majority of the franchises in the entertainment industry succeed, and investors know this.

To proceed, you must formulate a business plan. In this documentation, you must show how partnering with Gymboree Play & Music will enable you to create a profitable enterprise. Your request will then be approved based on the success of your presentation as well as your income level and credit score.

Your Training

Prior to the launch of your child entertainment franchise, you’ll be extensively trained in marketing, health and safety, leading classes and more. Then, once you’re up and running, you’ll be able to contact the support team at Gymboree Play & Music by email or phone at any time.

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