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The Detective Project Franchise – Give Customers the Chance to Investigate Crimes

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The Detective Project Holds Crime Scene Investigation Events

The Detective Project is a popular and growing events company that specialises in creating crime scene investigation and forensic science scenarios. These are designed not only for children but adults, too.

The brand has now opened up franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs with particular professional backgrounds. Keep reading to find out if you fit the bill!

A Taste of Modern-day Detective Work

The Detective Project focuses on three different target markets…

To begin, it runs birthday parties and holiday workshops for children aged seven and over. Customers can book a CSI Kids Detective Party in which the participants are encouraged to identify clues using authentic techniques. Alternatively, a MI Spy Party can be requested. This features code-breaking and spy game activities.

The company also offers school workshops perfect for all age groups through to the A level. While taking part, students can develop their science skills. The objectives of each event are designed to comply with science, chemistry and biology curriculums.

Finally, the brand is able to deliver high-quality team-building events and parties for adults, which involve the use of real crime scene investigation outfits. Those trying to complete the activities in these events are expected to communicate with teammates, observe clues, present evidence and so on.

Become a Franchisee

If you decided to partner with The Detective Project and invest in a franchise, you’d be able to use the company’s well-known trade name to make your own mark in the events industry. You’d be expected to provide all the services the brand normally offers while upholding the standards that have seen it rise to this level of popularity.

Remember, every The Detective Project franchise partner is able to capitalise on all the business opportunities within their own area. It won’t be any different for you! This location will be a geographically-defined territory that’s entirely exclusive to you.

Worried about overheads? There’s no need. You’ll mainly be working in properties owned by your clients or in public venues such as schools. Consequently, you won’t need to rent or purchase your own space. This means you can be entirely home based if you so choose.

You’ll Need Suitable Experience

Don’t forget, this isn’t like other entertainment franchises. One of The Detective Project’s unique selling points is that each of its events is led by a professional with a background in teaching, policing or even forensic science. So, if you want to have your application approved, you’ll need to prove that you have a similar level of experience. In addition, you must show that you’re a good communicator, self-motivated, flexible and organised.

This Is a Genuine Low Cost Franchise Opportunity

To cover The Detective Project franchise costs you’ll need £9,995. You’ll also be required to pay an ongoing management fee, which will amount to 10% of your monthly gross revenue.

In exchange, you’ll be trained, given a start-up kit, provided with marketing support,and more. The Detective Project has stated that new franchisees should expect to make £40,000 in revenue after their first two years in operation.


At this present time, The Detective Project cannot offer you direct funding support. But you can go to a reputable money lender and ask for a loan. The success of franchises in the entertainment industry will stand you in good stead and make it more likely that your request will be approved.

Training & Support

The Detective Project will send you to its headquarters so you can take part in a comprehensive training programme led by current franchisees. This will last for five-days. During this time, you’ll learn how to market your enterprise, lead CSI events and that’s not all. Further to this, you’ll have the chance to complete some on-the-job training as you follow a franchisee while they perform real services.

The support you receive from the brand won’t stop after you launch your entertainment franchise. You’ll get continuous support from the head office including regular newsletters and training updates. Plus, you’ll receive a website, be able to attend annual conferences and get sent marketing materials that have proven to work.

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