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There’s No Need to Introduce McDonald’s

Did you know that McDonald’s serves its special brand of fast food to approximately 63 million customers every single day? This kind of success is hard to imitate. But McDonald’s is ready to help you achieve this lofty goal. Take full advantage of these franchise opportunities now.

A Truly Comprehensive Fast Food Experience

McDonald’s provides its clientele with a vast array of options that don’t just include its iconic burgers…

Special sandwiches. Mouth-watering French fries. Fine soft drinks. Delicious desserts. There are too many choices to name! And customers are able to enjoy it all while surrounded by stylish decor.

What Being a Franchisee Would Mean for You

McDonald’s franchise partners don’t have to search for an appropriate location and arrange for construction work to be performed. In fact, if your application is accepted, you’ll be provided with a restaurant that’s ready to go – with all the necessary equipment included. Once you take over, your role will be to manage the operation, ensure your establishment remains in good condition and keep it in line with all other current McDonald’s restaurants.

Further to this, you’ll be given access to the company’s refined systems and menu as well as its extensive support and marketing network. You’ll have everything required to make the most of the business opportunities in front of you. Worried about suppliers? There’s no need. McDonald’s will immediately loop you into its robust supply chain.

Your agreement will hold for a period of 20 years.

The Prerequisites for Taking This Franchise Opportunity

McDonald’s is looking for candidates with significant experience in either general business or restaurant management. You’ll need to showcase good communication and organisational skills as well as a willingness to work as hard as necessary.


Buying into a fast food franchise like this one requires a large initial investment. In this case, between £400,000 and £800,000, although costs can vary. You’ll also need to provide at least 25% of this capital up-front and in an unencumbered form. In addition, you’ll need to cover a single franchise fee totalling £30,000.

Remember, in exchange for this significant outlay, you’ll be given a ready-made McDonald’s restaurant. Plus, you’ll be thoroughly trained and given continuous support, although you’ll need to put down a £5,000 deposit prior to the start of your training programme. This will then be refunded after you’ve completed the process, minus any expenses incurred, such as the £750 course fee.

McDonald’s Will Connect You With Money Lenders

After you’ve fulfilled the unencumbered funds requirement, you’ll need to cover the remaining McDonald’s franchise costs. Normally, getting this kind of support is difficult, but you’ll be joining a network of highly successful fast food franchises. The brand has connections with several major financial institutions. You’ll be able to get the funding you need.

An Extensive Training Programme Followed by Ongoing Support

To efficiently run a fast food franchise business like this, you’ll need to fully understand how it functions. That’s why, if you get through the selection process, McDonald’s will arrange for you to undergo an exhaustive training regime.

This will take place within an active establishment and it will involve taking you through the responsibilities associated with each and every role. Starting with crew members and ending with the restaurant manager. By the time you’re finished, you’ll know everything you need to run a smooth operation. Moreover, you’ll be taught how to use the brand’s bespoke systems and learn all about the various policies and procedures that need to be followed during a regular working day. To help you through this process, you’ll be assigned a consultant who will be able to provide you with additional guidance when you need it.

After you’ve taken the reins of your McDonald’s franchise, you’ll be able to rely on support from a vast network of seasoned experts with years of experience.

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