FAQs about brand identity

Why is franchise brand identity important?

Building a brand identity requires having a franchise branding strategy in place. But why is this important? The importance of brand identity cannot be underestimated because it attracts consumers and raises awareness about your products and/or services. It also sets expectations in the consumer’s mind about what they will experience when they choose your business over other brands. A further advantage of brand identity is that it attracts new franchisees. It is also a differentiation by making your brand stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, it is an important way to boost customer loyalty and increase the value of the franchise as a whole.


How is franchise brand identity developed?

There are many steps involved in developing a clear and focused brand identity. Some of these include the following:

  • Identify a clear mission statement
  • Build your core values
  • Identify your target customer
  • Create a logo, trademarks, and tagline
  • Get clear on your brand identity
  • Strengthen your brand guidelines
  • Ensure multi-channel brand consistency
  • Set your franchisees up for success
  • Establish your HQ and office branding
  • Assess your advertising and marketing initiatives
  • Audit your website and social media presence
  • Create a brand community
  • Train franchisees
  • Monitor constantly and consistently

How is franchise brand identity maintained?

Franchise brand identity is maintained by a consistent and continuous use and adherence to the franchisor’s brand identity guidelines. These principles should guide every aspect of your franchise business that your customers interact with. From your employees’ uniforms to the architecture and design of your building to your tagline and logo and everything in between.


How can franchisees contribute to franchise brand identity?

Franchisees can contribute to a strong franchise brand identity by constantly adhering to the brand’s style guidelines. Any deviations from these guidelines will likely result in brand dilution and a loss of reputation. In addition, many franchisors want their franchisees to market themselves locally because they are the closest to their customers. However, these franchisees, while making any marketing and advertising materials more personal, should still adhere to the brand guidelines in question.


What happens if a franchisee violates franchise brand identity standards?

If a franchisee violates a franchise brand’s identity standards, this can be harmful for the overall brand and its value in the eyes of customers. As such, customers and revenue can be lost, resulting in negative financial implications for the franchise business and for other franchisees.


How can franchisors protect franchise brand identity?

Franchisors can protect their franchise’s brand identity by ensuring that they have clear guidelines in place, ensuring that their brand is protected, indicating a franchisee’s responsibility in terms of adhering to brand guidelines in the franchise agreement and putting in place checks and balances for accountability of franchisees’ use of the brand through continuous monitoring and evaluation of the brand’s usage.


How can franchisees learn more about franchise brand identity?

Franchisees can learn more about franchise brand identity by consulting with their franchisors and referring back to the franchise agreement, which can stipulate how the franchise’s brand identity should be portrayed, conveyed and communicated to the public. There are also numerous online resources regarding the building and development and maintenance of a brand identity that can be consulted as well.

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