FAQs about EWiF

What’s the role of EWiF?

The primary focus of EWiF is to support women who would like to join the franchising industry. This is done in three ways: one is to encourage women to buy a franchise; two is to encourage women to franchise their business; the third way is to help franchise owners attract more women into their networks.


Who are EWiF Ambassadors?

EWiF Ambassadors are people who are involved in franchising in any shape and form. They can be male or female and they form a part of the EWiF community. To become an Ambassador, you will need to submit an application, which is then either approved or denied by a commission. If approved, Ambassadors will also act as mentors to those seeking to enter the franchising industry.


How can EWiF help me develop my franchise?

One of the primary areas of focus of EWiF is to encourage existing women-led and owned businesses to franchise their operations because of all the benefits that come with being a franchise owner. EWiF Ambassadors will be able to help women develop their franchise concept through expert and professional advice that is specific to the sector and is offered by professionals in the industry.


What are the benefits of Franchise Association membership?

As a member of a franchise association, those in the franchising ecosystem will be able to benefit from accreditation as their organisation and corporate practices will be scrutinised first. This relates to both how franchisors treat their clients as well as their franchisees.

Furthermore, the bfa specifically offers industry certification to franchise professionals. The greater levels of certification, the more likely it is that the franchise is well-run and is hence more successful. 

Next, the bfa is a great source of information through its ability and expertise in offering advice as well as publications for those involved in or interested in joining the franchise industry. Examples of publications include the legal implications of franchising, documents one needs to be aware of, how to decide if franchising is for you, aspects related to financing, etc. 

Lastly, the bfa publishes quality listings. Because the franchises which have joined it are required to adhere to certain standards, listings of franchisors are considered of high value because only those in good standing make it on the bfa’s list.

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