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Above 40K - Find the Right Franchise Opportunity for You

Franchising offers an incredible opportunity for business-minded individuals because of its structure and model. As a structure, it’s one business with many units across the country. As a business model, it’s proven to be profitable and painless because of the painstaking years and efforts that the franchisor has put in to make the business successful. If you’re someone who’s interested in making a larger investment that’s not a low-cost franchise but rather one that’s over 40k, then this is the perfect resource for you.

Here, we present some franchises over 40k to help make your choice that much easier when you finally decide to make your investment. It’s true that franchises over 40k require a more substantial investment than a low-cost franchise, but the rewards and benefits are also very much worth it.

Wondering what types of franchises over 40k you can invest in? Here are a few that you can pick from our rich menu:

  • Pest control: although not everyone’s cup of tea, pest control is an essential part of our lives as no one wants creepy crawlies to roam around their home and spread illnesses and diseases. Pest control experts are therefore in high demand as many homes across the UK have some pest-related issue. It’s a sizeable investment, yes, but it’s one you’ll never look back on, especially if you have the right qualifications for the job. If not, you can always do a quick training course to set you on your path to this profitable venture.
  • Clothing: if you’re passionate about outfitting people so that they look their best, whether in their own homes or for an outside occasion, then a clothing franchise might be the best choice for you. Luckily, you don’t need any specialisations and specialist knowledge like you would with pest control, for example, and you can really take pride in the fact that you’re offering your customers new lines of clothing that they can enjoy wearing.
  • Care & elderly services: this one is for people with big hearts and a lot of compassion for others. With a minimum investment of £40,000, you’ll be helping the elderly with hourly or lived-in care. With some franchises that have been on the market for decades and have a wealth of experience in dealing with the frail and elderly, this experience will be shared with you through ongoing training and support to help you achieve your financial goals.
  • Food: ready to offer delicious tasty treats? If you love offering your customers gastronomic delights, then this could be your best bet. This type of franchise over 40k is a great option for those with a passion for all things food related.
  • Hotels: choose a hotel franchise if you’re passionate about real estate as well as helping people in transit have a memorable and relaxing experience at your hotel.
  • Courier services: love speed, travel and delivering packages on time? Then a courier franchise is your best option. With this type of franchise, you’ll learn all the intricacies that make courier services so effective, and the beauty of it is the high demand for them.

If you’re looking for business for sale over 40k and you’re specifically considering purchasing a franchise, you need not look any further than our rich resource guide of franchises below. It’s crucial to keep in mind that a business for sale over 40k is different to a franchise for sale over 40k and these differences should be kept in mind when you make your investment decision.

Whatever option you go for, remember that we’re here to support you at every step of your decision-making journey so if you need any assistance whatsoever, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We’re just a click or a call away and are ready to help you make your business dreams come true.

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Car Wash & Car Services

The Wheel Specialist

The story of The Wheel Specialist goes back to 1955 when it was an auto services family-run business called Lap-Tab.

Min. Investment


Eggless Cake Shop
Fast Food Franchises

Eggless Cake Shop

The story of the Eggless Cake Shop started in 2014 when the first fully-branded Cake Shop opened in Walsall.

Min. Investment


Property & Real Estate


Northwood began in 1995 offering the Guaranteed Rental Income service to landlords.

Min. Investment


Fitness & Gym Franchises

Snap Fitness Franchise

If you have a keen interest in fitness and running your own business with high levels of support, this opportunity could be perfect for you.

Min. Investment


Pret franchise
Coffee Franchises

Prêt-A-Manager Franchise

Founded in 1983 with the first store opening in Hampstead, London in 1984, Prêt-A-Manager soon liquidated.

Min. Investment


Business Franchises

The Alternative Board

The Alternative Board (TAB) started in 1990 in the US and launched in the UK in 2009. The brand, which has been running for over 30 years now, is currently in 24 countries.

Min. Investment


signs express logo

Established over 30 years ago in 1989, Signs Express has a network of over 60 production centres nationwide.

Min. Investment


Business Franchises

Sandler Training Franchise

Sandler has been operating for more than 50 years, recently celebrating its 15th year in the UK after establishing a base in 2003.

Min. Investment


Care & Elderly Services

Right at Home Franchise

Right at Home has its origins in Omaha in 2000. The brand has entered various markets including the UK, Canada, Brazil, Ireland, China, Japan, Australia and the Netherlands.

Min. Investment



Rainbow International has been operating in the domestic cleaning, disaster recovery and decontamination industry for over 30 years.

Min. Investment