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30k - Find the Right Franchise Opportunity for You

If you’re thinking of franchising and McDonald’s comes to mind with a relatively sizeable investment in real estate, equipment, products, staff training and more, you’re in for a surprise because there are many, much more affordable franchises available on the UK market. If you don’t have large sums of cash on hand but you do have some form of savings or the opportunity to take out a small loan from your local bank, financial institution or building society, you’re in luck because you can start your own franchise for under 30k!

Franchises under 30k are considered franchises that are on the smaller scale of the franchising ecosystem and they’re a great way for you to start small and expand to new territories later. After all, that’s one of the beauties of franchising, isn’t it?

A franchise under 30k, apart from expansion opportunities, also offers you a lot more to enable you to take your new business venture off the ground seamlessly and with added support. Unlike an independent business, a franchise is an excellent way of benefitting from proven and profitable business models with support networks which will leave you well-trained and knowledgeable about how to use your expertise, skills and knowledge to earn more income and revenue.

Speaking of expertise, skills and knowledge, a franchise under 30k could be your best bet for creating the perfect fit in terms of what you already know and using this to make some money.

Luckily, the sky’s the limit with your earning potential as the more you’re willing to put in your business, the more you’re likely to get out of it financially.

For example, if you’re strong at certain school subjects, you can always start with a tutoring franchise, offering this service to teens and students who need the help. Then there are after-school child care franchises where you can look after children while their parents are at work, offering a safe and educational environment for them. But these are not the only franchises for sale under 30k. There are franchises in the same bracket related to sports services and so much more. This is just the beginning.

    So, what’s in it for you if you start a franchise under 30k? The benefits are almost endless, but we’ll try to narrow them down for you. Here are a few great reasons to try this type of franchise:

  • You get to benefit from training and support: in franchising, you’re never alone because your franchisor will always seek to ensure that all franchisees are on the same page, providing the same high quality service to the clients.
  • You get to work with an existing customer base: no more handing out flyers or pamphlets and relying on word-of-mouth to market your business. Your franchisor already has an established reputation and an existing customer base that you can tap into.
  • Speaking of an established reputation, you get to work with a well-known brand: the franchise’s brand name is probably one of its most important assets. It’s what makes it recognisable by others and is the business’ reputation. This is why you’ll need to perform high-quality standards to ensure you and all other franchisees maintain this reputation.
  • There’s much less risk involved, too: with a proven and profitable business model that has proven its worth in the industry, your franchise under 30k should, if all conditions are met, offer you a profitable business initiative that offers less risk while also offering more room for growth.
  • Ability to secure funds from lenders: working with a franchise model means lenders are more likely to lend to you because of the franchise’s relatively more secure business model. Lenders are more likely to put their money and back a business such as a franchise as opposed to an independent start-up with much more risk.
  • Get better rates on equipment: there are many franchises that work with distributors and supply chain providers for equipment. As a result, the franchisor has done all the hard work and has ensured that you can get preferential rates rather than paying the full price for some products and equipment.
  • Work from home or work part time: many low-cost franchises don’t require a physical location for you to operate from and you can take your business on wheels or in the comfort of your own home. You can also choose how many hours you put into your franchise, considering your needs for family time and other responsibilities you may have.
  • A great safety net: a franchise can also be a supplementary income-generating initiative if you’re working part time. This means you’ll have more income stability as your sources of revenue increase and the risk gets spread out. This means that in the event of a redundancy, you can always rely on your franchise business to help you weather any financial storms.

So, now that you have an idea of what you get with a franchise under 30k, are you ready to get started? If you are, then you’ll want to explore some of our top franchises under 30k. There’s something for everyone and our rich directory will give you a quick overview into the requirements and details about each franchise under 30k to help you make the right decision for you based on your interests, lifestyle, skills and experience, knowledge as well as your budget. Don’t hesitate to take a look at our list of franchises under 30k below. We’re certain you’ll find just the perfect fit for you!

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Shuttercraft has been in the shutter industry since 2002 and was established as a franchise business in 2012.

Min. Investment


Little Athletes Logo

Established in Stoke-on-Trent in 2015, Little Athletes is a sports coaching franchise and physical activity provider, which specialises in Early Years.

Min. Investment


Home Services

Ripples Franchise

Ripples has been and remains one of the UK’s most respected bathroom retailers in the UK since 1988.

Min. Investment


revive mobile car
Car Wash & Car Services

Revive! Auto Innovations Franchise

Founded in 2004, the Revive! Brand currently has 57 franchisees in its franchise network, which operates in the automotive sector.

Min. Investment


puddle ducks logo
Min. Investment



Founded in 1980, Poppies became the UK’s first domestic cleaning service franchise just four years later in 1984.

Min. Investment


Pink-Spaghetti logo
Business Franchises

Pink Spaghetti Franchise

Founded in 2009 in Cheshire with franchising becoming available as an option since 2012, Pink Spaghetti has over 50 franchisees across the UK.

Min. Investment


Business Franchises

Pink Connect Franchise

Established in 2002, Pink Connect has a 14-year franchising history. Are you ready to pursue this opportunity with impressive returns on investment?

Min. Investment


Pet Care & Food

Petpals Franchise

Petpals is the UK’s largest multi-service pet care franchise and a founding member of the Pet Care Franchise Association.

Min. Investment


monkay music logo
Children & Childcare

Monkey Music Franchise

The Monkey Music franchise, which has been running for nearly 30 years, was established in 1993. To date, it has 47 franchises in the field of pre-school nursing and education.

Min. Investment