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Learn All About Rush Hair & Beauty

Founded in 1994, Rush Hair & Beauty has become an enterprise that now features over 60 premium-standard salons. Due to the company’s continued growth, there are more franchise opportunities than ever – you could open your own salon!

What Services Can Customers Request?

The trained professionals working in Rush Hair & Beauty salons are able to deliver services suitable for all genders. This encompasses colourings, luxury treatments, blow-drys and much more. When customers leave the establishments, their hair is completely refreshed.

The Process of Becoming a Franchisee Explained

After contacting the brand, you’ll be invited to speak to its Chairman. If both sides are happy to proceed, the company’s franchise team will help you create a formal plan. They’ll then also help you find an appropriate locale for your salon. You’ll only be assigned an area if it has enough business opportunities to enable you to reach profitability. Keep in mind that your salon will be at least 800 square feet in size and you’ll be assisted with the shopfitting.

Once your salon is set up, you’ll be able to search for suitable recruits with the full support of the brand behind you. Each of your staff members will be expected to achieve a National Vocational Qualification before they can work in your outlet. Following this, you’ll be ready to launch your Rush Hair & Beauty franchise. This process usually takes up to six months to complete.

As you move forward and establish your customer base, you’ll have ongoing help from the brand’s head office with marketing, financial analysis and so on. Your agreement will last a maximum of five years but it can be renewed. What’s more, you can open more than one salon, depending on your performance.

Previous Hairdressing Experience Is Not Essential

You may have seen beauty franchises for sale in the past and been unable to apply because the franchisors wanted individuals with a background in the industry. This isn’t the case with Rush Hair & Beauty. The brand is searching for driven and determined entrepreneurs with business acumen who are willing to undergo intensive training. If you fit this bill, don’t hesitate to apply.

Find Out the Price of Establishing a Salon

The amount a Rush Hair & Beauty franchise costs will depend on factors like salon size and location. But on average, it will take between £150,000 and £165,000 to set-up your operation. You must have at least £15,000, but the remainder can be provided by way of a bank loan. In return for your investment, you’ll get support with all aspects of your enterprise including marketing, training, recruitment and that’s not all.

Rush estimates that its franchisees should expect to earn all of this money back within two to three years after launch. Don’t forget, if you take this franchise opportunity, you’ll also be expected to put 10% of your turnover towards a management fee each year.

You’ll Receive Assistance With Funding

It’s true that there are many beauty franchises available. But how many of the franchisors are willing to put you in touch with their financial contacts and help you find funding? Rush Hair & Beauty is.

Learn How the Brand Trains & Supports Its Partners

It goes without saying that running health and beauty franchises such as this requires certain skills. Rush Hair & Beauty will make sure that you have them all. You’ll be extensively trained by the company’s dedicated team and also be given the opportunity to work in an active salon. By the time you’re finished, you’ll be familiar with the operational procedures, marketing strategies and financial requirements associated with managing a beauty franchise. However, you won’t then be left out on your own. You’ll actually be given a direct line to the brand’s head office in order for you to request support and guidance whenever you need it.

Further to this, Rush’s marketing department will continue to provide you with the digital and physical materials you need to attract new customers to your enterprise.

If You’re Ready to Invest in a Rush Hair & Beauty Franchise…

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