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Beleaf Juice Bar Franchise – Manage a Juice & Smoothie Bar

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Get to Know Beleaf Juice Bar

For over a decade, the Beleaf Juice Bar brand has provided its customers with juices and smoothies of the highest quality.

Beleaf has refined its operations and perfected its business model. As a result of this, the company has experienced strong, sustained growth and earned large profits. Now, the team at Beleaf is searching for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to run their own juice and smoothie bar with the brand’s support. These special franchise opportunities are described below.

Fresh Ingredients, Amazing Flavours

Beleaf Juice Bar gets its ingredients exclusively from ethical farmers in locations such as Uganda, South America, Thailand and Costa Rica. The brand’s high-end machinery is then used to create delicious juices and smoothies. These drinks are sold out of the company’s striking kiosks, which are normally based in high footfall locations like shopping centres.

How Would It Work?

If your application to become a Beleaf Juice Bar franchise partner is accepted, the company will train you and then help you set-up your operations. This support will begin at the site-selection phase. Beleaf will give you an exact description of what is required. You’ll then identify a location that matches the criteria. Once you’ve done this, the company’s franchise support team will review your choice and approve it. You’ll then be put in contact with Beleaf’s design department. Your outlet will be designed based on the specific location in which it will be based. The goal will be to make it as visible as possible in order to quickly attract customers, so you can begin to capitalise upon business opportunities almost immediately.

Further to this, Beleaf will provide you with a list of nominated suppliers. You’ll be able to get all the equipment and consumables you require from them at favourable rates. After you’re up and running, you’ll be able to contact the company’s head office whenever you need support.

Presenting the Ideal Beleaf Juice Bar Franchisee

To make the most of the health food franchise opportunities that Beleaf Juice Bar is offering, you must be familiar with the industry. On top of this, you should be comfortable in social situations and have excellent communication and organisational skills. It also goes without saying that you should be happy to accept guidance from more experienced franchisees and the team at Beleaf’s head office – they can help you succeed.

The Investment

A Beleaf Juice Bar franchise costs approximately £447,255. This figure is based on the performance of both past and current franchisees. It includes expenses such as rent, wages, electricity, insurance, accountancy fees and so on. Plus, there will be three ongoing fees that you’ll need to pay for out of your net sales. These encompass a 6% franchise fee, a 1.5% marketing levy and a 6% management services fee.

What will you get in return? Beleaf will provide you with recipes, a website listing, an EPOS system that will allow you to track the performance of your business and much more.

Don’t forget, your operational profit could be as high as £199,625. But exact figures cannot be guaranteed.

Your Financing Options

Many entrepreneurs have become financially independent by investing in health food franchises like this. So, don’t be deterred if you can’t afford to partner with Beleaf Juice Bar outright. Just go to a bank and speak to the money lenders in the franchise department. Remember, you’ll need to write and then present a business plan.

Support & Training Provided to Franchisees

Every single Beleaf Juice Bar franchise partner has to take an intensive training course at the brand’s head office. This will last for a total of two weeks. You’ll be given an overview of the operation, taught how to prepare the drinks, given experience in a real outlet and more. You’ll also be provided with an operations manual and the company’s dedicated support team will visit you throughout your first year.

What support will you get after your healthy food franchise becomes active? Your bar will gain exposure from Beleaf’s brand-wide marketing initiatives. What’s more, your menu will be updated two or three times per year to ensure you always have something new to offer your customers.

Next Steps

If you’re contemplating pursuing this franchise opportunity, send an enquiry and request further information. It’s easily done – fill out this form and submit it. It will take just seconds.

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