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Riverford Organic Farmers Franchise – Deliver Produce & Build Your Customer Base

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Unfortunately, this franchise opportunity is no longer available with us. Apologies for the inconvenience.

About Riverford Organic Farmers

Founded in 1987, Riverford Organic Farmers has become famous for its fruit and veg boxes. Today, the brand delivers to approximately 100,000 individual customers on a regular basis.

Each organic box is transported from the company’s headquarters to drivers who then deliver them to specific clients. All of these drivers are franchisees and brand ambassadors who grow the Riverford enterprise in their own territories. Would you be interested in joining this network? Learn more about the franchise opportunities the brand is offering below.

Seasonal Organic Boxes Containing Vegetables, Fruit & Meat

Riverford Organic Farmers’ boxes contain vegetables including potatoes, onions, carrots and broccoli as well as fruit like apples, pears, oranges, bananas and grapes. But fruit and vegetables aren’t all the brand can offer. Customers can also choose from meat boxes featuring delicious beef, venison, chicken and pork.

Each client can change the exact contents of their boxes through Riverford’s online system.

The Franchise Opportunity Explained

As a Riverford Organic Farmers Franchise partner, you’d be tasked with delivering organic boxes containing fruit, vegetables or meat to customers within your territory. This will be a geographically-defined territory, rich with business opportunities that will be entirely exclusive to you. Meaning no other Riverford franchisee will be able to operate within its boundaries.

You’ll be expected to develop relationships with your existing customers as well as attend both local and regional events to attract new ones. Simply stated, you’ll be a delivery driver and a brand ambassador.

You’ll be able to choose between being office or home based. Plus, you won’t need to employ additional staff members, at least initially, which means you could keep your monthly overheads extremely low.

The key advantage of health food franchises like this? A recognisable brand name. There’s a reason why so many entrepreneurs struggle to break through to this lucrative market. Customers only want to buy fresh produce from reputable suppliers that have a track record of consistently achieving the highest standards – Riverford has this and so will you if you’re accepted into the brand’s franchise network.

Do You Have the Required Experience?

This isn’t like other health food franchise opportunities. You won’t need to have a background in the industry to partner with Riverford Organic Farmers. But if you’re accepted, you’ll spend a portion of each working day driving throughout your territory. Due to this, you must have a full licence and be extremely comfortable behind the wheel.

Furthermore, you should have excellent customer service skills and some familiarity with IT, marketing or sales. It also goes without saying that you’ll need to be prepared for the physical demands of the job. You’ll need to pack boxes into your van, take each one out and carry them a short distance consistently.

Start-up Costs

A Riverford Organic Farmers franchise costs £40,000. But prices will vary depending on factors such as location. In exchange for this outlay, you’ll get training that covers all aspects of the business model, marketing support, access to online ordering systems and so on.

A Third Party Can Provide You With Funding

Don’t have the capital you need to take this special franchise opportunity? You can go to any major bank’s franchise department and request a loan. Riverford Organic Farmers’ prominence in the industry and past success with franchisees will give you a significant advantage. But be aware that funding will only be supplied subject to status.

How You’ll Be Trained

Prior to the launch of your healthy food franchise, you’ll be given five working days’ worth of intensive training at Riverford Organic Farmers’ headquarters. You’ll be provided with an overview of its farming methods and told how to maximise your operational efficiency. On top of this, you’ll be taught how to obtain and retain clients and encourage increased order spend. Moreover, you’ll be given access to the company’s online ordering systems and learn the particulars of the payment and account procedures.

Following this training programme, you’ll benefit from regional business development meetings, and support from a mentor. While marketing support will be provided through PR and local leafleting campaigns.

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