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WOLF Delivers True Italian Street Food

Consumers who enter WOLF establishments are able to enjoy speedy service, convenience, healthy options, and personalisation.

The brand’s business model is now tried and tested in multiple locations. Take one of the franchise opportunities on offer, and open your own establishment in an exclusive territory.

Pizzas, Piadas, Pastas, & Salads

WOLF keeps ahead of its competition by keeping queuing times to below ten minutes even at peak times. The company’s team consistently achieves this through hard work, express tills, and a special grab and go offer. Further to this, all of the ingredients used in WOLF’s meals are sourced responsibly and ethically.

All of the dishes are hand-prepared right in front of customers. Each one can be customised according to a specific consumer’s desires, and there are thousands of possible combinations. The company also only serves healthy meals, in direct contrast to other Italian cuisine chains.

Let the Brand Help You Enter This Lucrative Market

Why do so many independent start-ups fail in this sector? It’s simple – they have no reputation or track record of success. Health food franchises allow entrepreneurs to gain access to the market, and profit from their parent company’s pre-established customer base. You can do the same by investing in a WOLF franchise.

The company will help you find a location ripe with business opportunities. You’ll then be assigned this territory on an exclusive basis, so no other WOLF franchisee can open an establishment in the same area. Keep in mind, the average WOLF outlet has a floor space of approximately 800 square feet. Moreover, depending on your particular circumstances, you may be able to open a store inside a high footfall locale such as a shopping mall.

Once your store is ready, you’ll be free to serve competitively-priced, healthy Italian street food. You’ll be able to offer your customers eat-in, takeaway, and delivery options. Plus, you’ll be given access to the company’s robust supply chain.

Who WOLF Wants

Unsure if you’re suitable for these kinds of health food franchise opportunities? You must have years of experience in the industry, and also be comfortable managing teams of staff. What’s more, due to the fact you’ll need to converse with customers in your outlet regularly, you must have strong communication skills.

Unsure How Much a WOLF Franchise Costs?

The minimum amount you’ll need to invest initially is £100,000. While the overall cost will be approximately £200,000. This figure includes the £15,000 franchise fee.

After you’ve provided this capital, you’ll be given a comprehensive package. This’ll include an in-depth training programme, site-selection support, marketing assistance, and that’s not all.

Once your operation is set-up, you’ll be required to pay on-going advertising and royalty fees. These will amount to 2% and 6% of your net sales respectively.

Get the Funding You Need

WOLF isn’t currently able to fund prospective franchisees. But you can go to your local bank and request a loan. As part of this process, you’ll need to present a business plan that describes the franchise opportunity in full and shows your complete operational strategy. A financial forecast will also be vital. Remember, loan requests are only approved subject to status. This means a bank will check your credit score and income level before giving you funding.

The Induction Period & Post-launch Support

WOLF asks all of its franchisees to take a four-week-long training course. This’ll take place at the brand’s special training store – you’ll learn how to complete every process, make every meal, interact with customers, manage your staff, and so on. Following this, the WOLF team will provide you with pre and post-launch support. This’ll encompass, but won’t be limited to, a marketing plan custom-made for your specific area. They’ll never stop helping you!

While you’re managing your healthy food franchise, you’ll be visited semi-frequently by seasoned operations staff who’ll monitor your outlet’s performance, and ensure it’s on track. If there are any issues, they’ll suggest ways you could improve. This won’t be empty criticism, their mission is to aid you to achieve the return on investment that you hoped for.

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