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Clara James Tutoring Franchise – Teach Maths & English

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Clara James Tutoring Provides One-to-one Education

Founded in 2012, Clara James Tutoring enables parents to arrange special face-to-face tutoring for their children. These lessons can be delivered remotely or in the comfortable surroundings of the child’s own home.

Due to the success of this formula, Clara James Tutoring is now able to offer franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs who are passionate about child education.

Personalised Lessons

Clara James Tutoring specialises in Key Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4 Maths and English tutoring. The brand’s tutors strive to make these subjects more enjoyable for children while enhancing their understanding and skills. Each lesson is tailor-made to the specific child who is being taught and new resources are provided each week to ensure they’re kept engaged. The tutors will also encourage creative activities during these sessions. These have been proven to aid spatial awareness and motor skills while reducing stress and anxiety.

But it’s not only children who can benefit from Clara James Tutoring’s services. Adults who want to return to education are also able to book lessons with the company.

A Special Franchise Opportunity

If you’re accepted as a Clara James Tutoring franchise partner, you’ll be able to set up your own Maths and English tutoring enterprise. This will be within an exclusive territory full of business opportunities. You’ll be able to work from home but the company will expect you to travel to your customer’s houses as required.

You’ll be intensively trained to provide tutoring services of the highest standard. You’ll also be provided with additional instruction and support so you can effectively teach children who have special needs. The assistance you receive will include lesson plans and teaching resources.

Don’t forget, home based franchises like this are far less expensive to run than standard office-based ventures. You won’t need to hire additional employees and there will be no need to rent an office. As a result of this, your monthly expenses will be very low.

Previous Teaching Experience Isn’t Crucial

Clara James Tutoring franchisees come from many different backgrounds. You don’t need to have been a teacher to take this home based franchise opportunity.. What’s vital is that you’ve got at least A-Level standard qualifications and are able to travel throughout your territory – preferably in your own vehicle. Plus, you must be adaptable, creative, organised and willing to learn.

The Financial Details

You’ll find that a Clara James Tutoring franchise costs just £9,995 plus VAT. Once you’ve paid, the company will train you, provide you with operational manuals, offer you marketing support and that’s not all.

There won’t be any additional fees for the first three months after your franchise launches. But following this, you’ll be expected to pay a monthly £250 operating fee and £150 advertising levy.

Talk to a Money Lender

Clara James Tutoring can’t provide you with financing. But you won’t be prevented from getting a loan from a third party. Go to a bank and present your business plan!

How Will Clara James Tutoring Support You?

Before you take on the responsibilities associated with running your own home based franchise, you’ll undergo a week of in-person training, or two weeks of online training, depending on your circumstances. You’ll be taught how to market your enterprise through prominent online platforms, walked through the process of obtaining and retaining a client and much more. The company will also send you detailed training manuals, which will contain everything you need to know about the business model.

Does the support end after you take the reins of your Clara James Tutoring franchise? No. In fact, you’ll receive phone calls every two weeks from the brand’s support team to ensure that the transition is going smoothly. Of course, you’ll also be able to contact them yourself by phone or email at any time you choose.

Newsletters encompassing new resource ideas will be sent to you on a bi-monthly basis and webinars will be arranged every quarter. Moreover, there will be networking and training days you can attend in the summer and winter months. Clara James Tutoring will always be there for you!

Here’s What’s Next

If you’re contemplating pursuing this franchise opportunity, send an enquiry and request further information. It’s easily done – fill out this form and submit it. It will take just seconds.

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