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Sandstone Yoga & Pilates Franchise – Lead Classes Remotely or in-studio

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After 2 years income per year is £44,000.00

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An Introduction to Sandstone Yoga & Pilates

Sandstone Yoga & Pilates provides online and in-person classes in addition to workshops and yoga retreats.

The company is growing quickly and is able to offer both home and studio-based franchise opportunities to ambitious and determined entrepreneurs.

A Broad Range of Classes

There are basic yoga courses that cover standard postures as well as more specialised programmes that introduce customers to specific yoga styles. These include, but aren’t limited to, the popular Haṭha, slow-paced Yin and energetic Ashtanga. Yoga classes for pregnant women are also available.

The brand’s pilates courses are aimed at both newcomers and experienced practitioners. These have been proven to build both physical and mental strength.

Sandstone Yoga & Pilates is also able to offer additional classes designed to enable clients to meditate, relax and learn special Pranayama breathing and Nidra meditation techniques.

There Are Two Different Sandstone Yoga & Pilates Franchise Models

Petra or Marrakesh – these are your two choices.

The Petra package is a home based franchise opportunity. Pick this and you’ll be able to provide services both online and within community venues. Your overheads will be extremely low as you won’t have to rent a studio.

The Marrakesh package enables you to start a traditional yoga studio based business but it’s more expensive both initially and on an ongoing basis. This being said, you’ll be able to generate more revenue down the line. You should also be aware that you can start with Petra, and then simply upgrade to Marrakesh when it suits you.

Remember, each franchise model will involve you taking over an exclusive territory that contains thousands of potential business opportunities. You’ll be able to offer general yoga and pilates courses as well as specialist courses for pregnant women, themed workshops and more. Your working days will consist of performing basic administration, preparing for classes, marketing your services and so on.

At all times, you’ll benefit from the recognisability of the pre-established and acclaimed Sandstone brand. Its reputation will enable you to grow your customer base quickly. The company will also provide you with continuous business and marketing support.

Who Is the Brand Searching for?

Needless to say, this particular franchise opportunity requires passion for yoga and pilates. If you have this as well as a strong determination to build your own business, let the team at Sandstone Yoga & Pilates know. Not an expert? This won’t be an issue. You’ll undergo extensive training that will prepare you for all your future responsibilities.

The Required Investment

A Sandstone Yoga & Pilates franchise costs just £9,950 + VAT, if you pick the Petra package. You’ll struggle to find other home based franchise business opportunities that are as low cost.

On the other hand, if you select the company’s Marrakesh package, you’ll need to pay £19,950 plus VAT. But keep in mind that this total won’t include the cost of your yoga studio fit-out.

Regardless of which you decide upon, you’ll still get a five-year licence to use Sandstone Yoga & Pilates’ branding in addition to full training and ongoing support. After you’ve been in operation for two years, you should expect to generate £44,000 in revenue every subsequent year. Although, exact figures cannot be guaranteed, and this total will be impacted by whether you are home or studio-based.

Funding Options

Money lenders know that home based franchises are viable opportunities for entrepreneurs. So if you can’t afford the initial investment, you should ask for a loan. To make this process as smooth as possible, Sandstone Yoga & Pilates will connect you with the banks it has partnered with. Your request will be approved subject to status.

Training & Support for Franchisees

It doesn’t matter if you decide to start a studio based or home based franchise, you’ll still get extensive training. After you’ve agreed to invest, the brand will give you access to 200 hours worth of yoga teacher training that has been accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals. The company’s team will also help you create your business plan, teach you how to market your enterprise, provide you with bespoke software, tell you how to perform bookkeeping and that’s not all.

As a Sandstone Yoga & Pilates franchise partner, you’ll never be alone!

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