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Jackson Fire & Security Franchise

Jackson Fire & Security Franchise – Help Businesses Comply With Safety Laws

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Jackson Fire & Security - A Leader in a Hidden Industry

Jackson Fire & Security is a business built to ensure the protection of others. And the company’s been doing just that for 25 years and counting. Known for its customer-oriented approach, the brand is now offering franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs who want to make their mark.

What They Do & How They Do It

Jackson Fire & Security provides businesses with the means to comply with the latest safety laws. They do this by supplying high-quality fire protection and safety equipment. In addition, they’re able to install state-of-the-art alarms, CCTV and access control systems on a wide range of property types. Their services are much in demand.

What You Stand to Gain By Taking This Franchise Opportunity

There are many franchise opportunities for sale. Wondering why this is the right one for you? To begin with, the entire process is made much simpler by the resources Jackson Fire & Security can bring to bear – you’ll have access to robust systems, detailed manuals and consistent support. What’s more, as your own boss, you’ll be able to organise your own working days and hours.

Want to know where you’d be based? Jackson Fire & Security separate their franchisees by postcode areas. The sector you’re assigned will provide you with ample chances to accumulate a loyal customer base. In fact, to aid you in this endeavour, the company will perform market research that will show you exactly what opportunities you should be aware of.

What They’re Looking for in Franchisee Recruits

A sales or managerial background. That’s all you’ll require to invest in a Jackson Fire & Security franchise. They won’t expect an industry expert. Remember, you’ll be in charge of the business, you won’t necessarily be performing the services. That will mainly fall on the shoulders of your specially skilled employees. As such, it will be necessary for you to have a certified fire and security engineer on your staff from the moment you launch – the brand will help you with recruitment.

Jackson Fire & Security Franchise Costs – a Breakdown

To take advantage of the business opportunities in front of you, you’ll need a minimum of £39,500 + VAT. This fee covers your franchise licence, training and accreditations, a set amount of equipment and products, your launch marketing and a deposit on a branded vehicle.

In order to give yourself the best chance of success, you’ll also need approximately £30,000 in working capital so you can pay your first engineer and also make good on any costs incurred as your new venture begins. This would take the overall total to £69,500, although prices can vary.

Furthermore, 9% of your annual revenue will go towards a management fee. While an additional 2% will be used for marketing the overall brand and all franchisees within its network.

How Will You Get the Funding You Need?

The franchise team at Jackson Fire & Security will be happy to connect you with the contacts they’ve made at a number of banks. Once you’ve presented investors with this franchise opportunity, you’ll get a response within the standard time frame of seven to 10 working days.

Don’t worry! Franchises are recognised as sound financial investments. Statistics indicate that nine out of every 10 succeed. The investors you speak to will know this and also take into account Jackson Fire & Security’s proven track record. Simply stated, you’re highly likely to get funding.

After You Sign Your Agreement, You’ll Be Fully Supported

Following your investment in a services franchise from Jackson Fire & Security, you’ll take part in an all-inclusive 30-day training programme at the company’s training centre. This will cover both theoretical and practical instruction.

After your launch, you’ll be aided by a lead generation campaign, which will help you find new customers and, therefore, new streams of revenue. And don’t forget, as part of your launch pack, you’ll be entitled to expert Search Engine Optimisation, email marketing and much more.

Want to Invest in a Jackson Fire & Security Franchise?

If you’re contemplating pursuing this franchise opportunity, send an enquiry and request further information. It’s easily done – fill out this form and submit it. It will take just seconds.

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