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Junk Hunters Franchise – Capitalise on the Growing Demand for Expert Rubbish Removal

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Your Questions About Junk Hunters Answered

Since 2017, Junk Hunters, a rubbish removal and collection company, has delivered specialist services throughout London and Birmingham. Highly profitable and successful, the enterprise has an estimated annual turnover of roughly £1,000,000. But the team behind this celebrated brand doesn’t want to stop there! They’re now giving ambitious entrepreneurs the chance to run their very own Junk Hunters franchise and replicate their achievements.

What Specific Services Do They Provide?

Residential and commercial waste collection. Garden, house and office clearance services. Construction waste disposal. Skip hire. Same-day rubbish removals. Junk Hunters deliver them all in the most convenient way possible. They make sure they can fit into their customers’ packed schedules by remaining entirely flexible. All a client has to do is request a free quote and then decide whether to proceed. They know Junk Hunters will handle the rest.

What Franchise Opportunities Are Available to You?

If you choose to partner with Junk Hunters and invest in a franchise for sale, they’ll assist you in any way they can. This is proven by the company’s willingness to provide all their franchisees with work assigned through their centralised booking system. Each day, you’ll be able to check your online schedule and see what jobs you’ve been given. It goes without saying that this will greatly aid your transition into a rubbish removal business owner in a growing and competitive market

What is the Company’s Ideal Franchisee Profile?

You won’t need previous experience specific to the waste removal industry to invest in a Junk Hunters franchise – you’ll undergo a full training programme when you sign an agreement. But there are several key attributes and skills that will make you stand out from the crowd. This encompasses familiarity with both staff and financial management, dedication to delivering the best possible experience to customers and a comfort level with obtaining and retaining new clients.

Investing in a Junk Hunters Franchise – The Costs Involved

Standard Junk Hunters franchise costs include a £40,000 + VAT launch package as well as £20,000 in working capital making for a total initial investment of £60,000. However, these figures are based on a lease for a single Isuzu N65.150 tipper truck. If you wanted to launch with additional vehicles, they would be increased.

After you’ve invested you’ll receive an exclusive territory to operate out of and a franchise licence that will last for a full five years. Plus, the all-inclusive launch package will give you the benefit of the brand’s in-house bespoke management system – allowing for bookings to be taken on your behalf.

Remember, Junk Hunters has projected that franchisees with just a single vehicle stand to make a gross profit of £62,000 in their first year of operation alone. It’s well worth your money.

Concerned About Financing Your Venture? Don’t Be

Due to Junk Hunters’ status and proven business model, you can approach any potential investors with confidence. They know that home services franchises are truly viable business opportunities – the statistics back this up. That’s why, when you ask them to provide you with the funding to cover approximately half of your initial investment, you’re more than likely to get a positive response.

What’s more, you’ll have the added advantage of the company’s truck-leasing initiative, which will reduce the amount of money you’ll need to find at the beginning of your venture.

You Won’t Be Alone

Running these kinds of services franchises takes dedication and training. For this reason, you’ll take part in an induction course after your investment. This programme will go over setting up a new limited company, attracting further clients and much more. It will take place both in a classroom environment and in your designated territory, so you can get a real feel of what will be expected from you on a day-to-day basis. Once you’re set-up, you’ll be able to rely on support from Junk Hunters whenever you need advice.

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