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Franchisees appreciate transparency, honesty and regular communication from their franchisors. But there has to be a balance. You shouldn’t overwhelm your partners with messages, nor should you ignore them.

Why do so many franchisors fail to stay in contact with their franchisees? It’s simply because they’re unfamiliar with the tools and techniques that allow them to do so in a time-efficient manner.

Meanwhile, some franchisors who send their franchisees too many messages fail to understand what content their partners actually want to see. Choose Franchise Fame and we’ll help you achieve the optimal level of communication with your franchisees.


Our Internal Marketing

Choose to work with us and our consultants will create a bespoke internal marketing plan that fits both your timeline and budget. Here’s what we offer:

Rich & Informative Copywriting

Our franchise marketing team includes qualified copywriting professionals who’ll create rich content on your behalf and on behalf of your franchisees. This will then be used for PR purposes, your social media accounts and website as well as newsletters, and that’s not all. We’ll even improve your operational manuals on request!

Rest assured that before any messages are sent out to your franchisees, or on their behalf, they’ll be extensively checked for errors, and passed to you for approval if you wish. Meanwhile, the text itself will always be relevant and informative. Also, we’ll provide you with any email and social media templates we create so you can use them yourself in the future.

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Concise & Instructive Emails

Each of your franchisees is an independent business owner. It’s likely that they’ll receive numerous emails and other kinds of messages every single day. Consequently, they won’t want you to add to this by bombarding them with content. What’s the solution? It’s simple. Our internal marketing team will use email scheduling and automation tools such as Mailchimp. This software will enable us to distribute newsletters to your franchisees on a specific schedule. For instance, every Friday morning. This way, your franchisees will know when the newsletters are likely to arrive and that it’s worth their while to read them.

Further to this, we’ll be able to accurately monitor the response of your franchisees to these communications. Mailchimp features powerful analytical tools that will measure how many of your partners opened the emails, which links were clicked and so on. We will use this data to make adjustments, as necessary.

Want to use our email marketing services for other purposes? Just let us know.

Effective Use of Social Media & Other Communication Channels

If you flood your internal social media channels with content and news aimed towards your network every day, you’ll turn off your franchisees. Thankfully, our franchise internal digital marketing includes social media management. We’ll create a set amount of unique and optimised social messages every week, which are sure to increase franchisee interaction and convey what is important. Additionally, we can advise you as to how to set up private groups on these platforms so you can have conversations with your partners, as needed. We will also work with you towards planning and creating marketing activity plans and calendars for your franchisees so that they know exactly when and what is expected of them.

Moreover, we can help you set up shared online resources using prominent platforms such as Google Documents and Dropbox. This will allow your partners to access invaluable instructional documents that will help them improve their performance and productivity.

The Organisation of Regular Activities & Meetings

Our internal marketing for franchises also extends to the arrangement of activities, events and meetings suitable for all your franchisees. Some examples of what these could include brand-wide news updates as well as additional training sessions. These can be conducted online through video communication technology or offline in a set venue, depending on your circumstances. Don't forget, on top of the above services, we can work with you to develop interview structures for prospective franchisees, too. These can be transferred to video and blog posts, as well as used on social media, and in infographics. Need assistance with PR outreach or printing materials such as business cards? We’ve got you covered.

As you begin to interact with your franchisees more frequently, you’ll gradually establish relationships with them, and in turn, they’ll become more motivated and productive. From this point on, they’ll trust you enough to approach you with any potential issues that they may have been reluctant to come forward with before. You’ll then be able to solve these issues for the betterment of your entire network. What’s more, by using our franchise internal digital marketing services, you’ll make the communication with your franchisees far less time-consuming. This will allow you to focus on other aspects of your operations.
The more open, honest and candid conversations and internal communication you have with your network, the higher the trust and respect they will have towards you and one another. This creates an environment of peer support and high performance, where your franchisees can thrive. Harness the full potential of internal communication channels by setting regular internal newsletters, meetings, award ceremonies and other incentivising initiatives.
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Nurturing High Performance
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Not sure where to start? Let’s find the right way for you!

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Outsource your internal franchise marketing communications to Franchise Fame today and we’ll handle everything for you. Prefer to hire a single employee to handle everything for you instead? This might actually turn out more expensive, and you can’t guarantee that this staff member will have the necessary experience or skills to deliver the results you require.

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