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Profit From a Franchise in South East England

South East England is a region in the United Kingdom with a population of roughly nine million. The area contains several famous counties including the Isle of Wight as well as Buckinghamshire and Hampshire. Plus, there are also a number of well-known cities such as Southampton, Portsmouth, Reading and Oxford.

As of right now, the area’s franchising industry is worth more than £1,000,000,000. It’s a region packed with business opportunities and is perfect for an aspiring entrepreneur! Take your first steps on the path to profitability by buying into a franchise in South East England today.

The Secrets of Franchising Revealed

A franchisee is an entrepreneur that invests in a franchise – a licence to use an existing organisation’s or franchisor’s branding, intellectual property and business model. These deals are normally a minimum of three years in length and can be renewed. Throughout the duration of the agreement, a franchisee will market and sell the franchisor’s products and services within an assigned territory. In essence, a geographically-defined area containing enough business opportunities to ensure that the franchisee can grow their enterprise.

There are many franchise opportunities in South East England on Franchise Fame. They range from car wash franchises to security franchises. You simply have to find the one that’s right for you.

Why Franchises Succeed More Than Independent Startups

There’s compelling evidence that suggests that if you invested in a franchise in South East England, your business could have a 90% chance of succeeding. But if you chose to go your own way and build an operation from the ground up, you’d only have a 15% chance of success. The reason for this is simple. With a franchise, you’d have the full support of a company that’s been there and done it and you’d be able to use a recognisable brand name. While as an independent business owner, you’d have no proven business model to follow, no reputation to speak of and no help.

Take all of this into account when you’re considering taking a South East England business opportunity!

You May Not Need Business Management Experience

It’s perfectly possible that you could take over a franchise in South East England without ever having run your own business before. In fact, you’ll find that a significant number of franchisors don’t insist on any related experience whatsoever.

How can this be true? It’s because these parent companies are able to provide full training and, therefore, focus on finding individuals with certain attributes and talents instead. For instance, if you’ve got strong communication and organisational skills as well as drive, determination and ambition, you’re a prime candidate. This being said, some franchisors will need you to have a specific professional background. You’ll normally find this is the case with franchises that involve services such as plumbing or pest control. So, make sure you fully research a business for sale in South East England before you purchase it. You have to ensure that it’s a good fit.

Wondering what will be expected of you after you join a South East England franchise network? You’ll either work from home or rent out an office in your territory. You’ll then recruit and train staff, if necessary. Following this, you’ll need to establish yourself and build a customer base. You’ll accomplish this by implementing marketing campaigns with the guidance of your franchisor. Additionally, you’ll be required to maintain quality control and grow your operations. It’s not a given that you’ll have to perform services yourself. this will depend on your particular circumstances.

Raising Capital for Your Investment

It’s very rare for a franchisor to require a prospective franchisee to make a full investment upfront. However, you’ll have to supply at least some unencumbered funds in order to take a South East England business opportunity – usually around 30%.

The remaining 70% can be provided by way of a bank loan. Most high-profile banks have franchise departments specifically for this purpose. What’s more, your franchisor may already have established relationships with reputable lenders, and if so, they’ll be able to put you in direct contact with them. This is preferable, as you’re more likely to benefit from favourable terms. But regardless of how you’re introduced to the lender you speak to, your request will only be approved subject to status. This means that your current income level and credit score must both meet the criteria of the financial institution. But keep in mind these requirements vary from bank to bank. You’ll also need to present a business plan, but your franchisor may be able to help you create this. This documentation must include a breakdown of the franchise opportunity in addition to your proposed operational strategy and a financial forecast.

How much is it likely to cost to become a franchise partner? You’ll find that South East England franchise opportunities have varying prices. The final figure is based on factors such as territory size and location, insurance requirements, equipment, training needs, the level of ongoing support and so on. Moreover, you might have to cover ongoing monthly marketing, royalty or operational fees. These will generally amount to up to 10% of your turnover in total and they’ll entitle you to continuous support from your franchisor. But there’s a good chance you won’t be required to pay these fees until you’re in your fourth month in operation. Your parent company will want you to fully establish your franchise in South East England before charging you.

What Your Training Will Likely Consist of

It doesn’t matter which of the South East England franchise opportunities you pick, you’ll still be trained. The intensity of this training will depend on your franchisor’s resources and the nature of the business you’ll be managing. As a general rule, your franchisee training programme will take place in a classroom environment at your parent company’s main office or online through video communications software. It will take anywhere between two days and one month.

If you’re buying into a restaurant franchise, for example, your franchisor will want to ensure you’re up to the task by having you undergo lengthy on-the-job learning at a real establishment. But if you’re investing in an online franchise in South East England, that only requires basic sales and marketing experience, you won’t need a substantial amount of training.

Your Next Move

As soon as you identify a business for sale in South East England that matches your skillset and goals, submit an enquiry. You’ll get an information pack in return and be able to speak to a brand representative. If this goes well, you’ll be invited to attend a Discovery Day at the company’s head office.

Don’t forget, we know all about the franchise opportunities in South East England – you can contact us if you’re stuck.

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