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Franchising is based around a territorial division that you get exclusive rights to operate in under a certain brand name. To find the most suitable franchise opportunity for you, we have filtered all franchise listings per location. Select the location you’d like to open a franchise business in and start browsing the available opportunities. Ideally, you should be based in or around this area and have easy access to it.
Alternatively, let’s say you have seen a franchise brand that operates in your area and you would really like to know more about the available opportunity. Select the area you are based in and check out all other franchises available for purchase there. If there aren’t any, do not get discouraged. You can select the area nearest to you and still see if that franchise is looking for new partners.

The United Kingdom & Northern Ireland offer a vast selection of franchising opportunities to suit everyone’s taste. Select the region you are interested in to see which big and small franchise brands are looking for partnerships. This can be the fresh new start you have been thinking about for a while now. Just pick a franchise that is to your liking and contact us today requesting more information without any obligation. You will be sent some information via your email and if you are still interested, you can proceed with a phone call with the franchisor directly. After all, you need to get to know them and their values, mission and vision for the brand before you make that important decision of whether or not to invest your savings in them.
But do not wait for too long either, as this is the year of franchising. Territories and locations you may have preference in are being sold quickly as a lot of people, like yourself, have made that shift in their minds. They no longer wish to be an employee but work for themselves, have a great work-life balance and be their own bosses. Who wouldn’t love that, right?!

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