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Find Franchises for Sale in Yorkshire and the Humber

Yorkshire and the Humber is a region in England with a population of 5.5 million. Notable locations include Leeds, Sheffield, Hull and York, to name but a few.

The franchising industry in this area is worth circa £1,000,000,000 and growth is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. So, why not take some time to browse through the franchise opportunities available in Yorkshire? There’s certain to be one that meets your needs.

The Concept Explained

In essence, a franchise allows an aspiring entrepreneur to set up their own business and operate under the trade name of a successful organisation. If you chose to buy into a franchise in Yorkshire, you’d be referred to as a ‘franchisee’, while the company you partner with would be your ‘franchisor’ or ‘parent company’. You’d be entitled to sell your franchisor’s products and services and they’d provide you with training and support, as needed.

The majority of franchisees are assigned a territory. Simply stated, this is a specific location with set boundaries that normally features a wide variety of potential business opportunities. Your territory will almost certainly be exclusive to you, meaning that no other franchisee will be able to offer their services within it. In certain circumstances, you won’t require a territory. For example, if your business was based purely online and you were working from home, you wouldn’t have to deal with any restrictions.

There are many franchises for sale in West Yorkshire on Franchise Fame. They’re in all kinds of industries – from arts and crafts to fitness. All you’ve got to do is identify the franchise opportunity that’s right for you.

What Makes Franchises Special?

There’s compelling evidence that 90% of Yorkshire and the Humber franchise opportunities lead to the creation of successful businesses run by independent entrepreneurs. In contrast, 85% of new unsupported startups fail. The reason for this is easily understood. Independent business owners don’t have the luxury of inheriting a strong reputation. As a result, they struggle to build a customer base that can sustain them – 50% of small and medium-sized enterprises fail within just five years.

In addition to this invaluable track record of success, investing in a franchise in South Yorkshire will give you a multitude of other advantages. This includes, but isn’t limited to, access to a continually updated range of products and services and refined marketing techniques as well as support from seasoned experts. Remember, you’ll be in business for yourself but not by yourself.

Be Your Own Boss

Even though you’d be working under the umbrella of another company, you’d still be in complete control of your franchise in Yorkshire. It would be left to you to recruit and train your staff, establish your customer base and implement your marketing campaigns. You’d also decide how long you work each week. Although certain franchisors may ask you to agree to revenue targets in your contract, in this case, you’d need to work a set amount. But this isn’t likely.

What should you expect from day-to-day operations? Although this will depend on the franchise opportunity you pick, many franchisees act as business managers. They dispatch their teams to complete services, distribute digital and physical marketing materials and ensure that quality standards are upheld. Of course, if you invest in a small-scale van-based courier franchise, for instance, you’d have to manage your business and handle deliveries yourself as well.

So make sure you know exactly what will be expected of you once you’ve taken one of the franchise opportunities in Yorkshire. You won’t want to find yourself in a situation where you’ve got more responsibilities than you can handle.

Investing in a Franchise – a Guide

There’s no set price for a franchise in South Yorkshire. The cost of each opportunity is determined by the franchisors in the area. To start with, you’ll have to cover a franchise fee. This is the initial investment and it normally requires anywhere between £5,000 and £40,000. In exchange for this capital, you’ll receive an all-inclusive package encompassing your training, site selection guidance, marketing support, ongoing operational assistance and so on.

But you must be mindful of the fact that the figure you’re quoted won’t include any working capital you need. This is the money you’ll need to take care of the expenses incurred while you start up your operation. Plus, the total may exclude the cost of a property you might need to buy or convert for business purposes. Most franchisors will be upfront with all the costs involved, while some will only provide more details once you’ve asked for a franchise prospectus.

Don’t think you can afford to take on a business opportunity in Yorkshire at this present time? The good news is that the majority of franchisors won’t ask you to pay in full. They’ll also allow you to ask third parties for funding. As a matter of fact, it’s possible that you’ll be able to provide up to 70% of the necessary capital through a bank loan. How can you make this happen? First, you’ll have to draw up a business plan that details the franchise opportunity in question. This documentation will also need to include а financial analysis, market research and your strategy for becoming profitable. Once you’ve made this plan, you’ll need to present it to a reputable lender. They’ll then approve your loan request if your income level and credit score match their minimum requirements.

Training & Support

Your parent company will do everything in its power to make sure your franchise in Yorkshire is successful. You’ll be comprehensively trained in all aspects of the operation, get in-depth manuals, receive access to bespoke software and systems and much more. The best part? This support will continue indefinitely even after the launch of your enterprise…

Your franchisor’s head office team will give you a direct communication line for round-the-clock support. This means if you ever encounter a situation that you’re unsure how to handle or a business opportunity in Yorkshire that you don’t know how to take, you can simply ask for guidance.

Learn How to Take a Franchise Opportunity

Once you’ve narrowed down the list of Yorkshire and the Humber franchise opportunities to a shortlist of possibilities, start making enquiries. We’ve made this process easy for you! Just use the forms on the franchisor pages on this site. You’ll be sent back a series of information packs that will tell you all you need to know about the franchises for sale in West Yorkshire you’re interested in. You can then decide whether or not you want to move forward and arrange a meeting with a particular franchisor’s representatives. This can be completed face-to-face or over the phone.

Can’t find a franchise opportunity that suits you? Contact us today.

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