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InXpress Streamlines Shipping

Founded in 1999, InXpress offers time and money-saving international and domestic shipping solutions to businesses.

Were you aware that InXpress currently has approximately 400 individual franchisees? The company isn’t stopping there either. Further franchise opportunities are still open, and you can read about them below…

Announcing Webship+

All InXpress customers are able to use the company’s custom-made shipping platform – webship+. This system has been designed to make arranging and booking shipments as fast and as easy as possible. It’s features encompass accurate and real-time quotations, quote comparisons between shipping companies, invoice management, and more. On top of this software, clients are also able to get assistance from InXpress’ team of global shipping specialists. These professionals are always at hand to answer any questions about the process.

The services that can be requested through webship+ include, but aren’t limited to, domestic shipments, international shipments by air, road, or sea, and express deliveries.

Build Your Own Business With a Computer & a Phone

This isn’t like other mailing & shipping franchises. You won’t need an office or a brick-and-mortar store, at least not until your enterprise grows to the extent that you believe having such an establishment is necessary. You’ll be in complete control, and can be home based if you so desire to keep your overheads as low as possible.

What exactly is expected of an InXpress franchise partner? You’ll be tasked with finding potential clients and helping them use the brand’s bespoke webship+ system to book shipments as required. You’ll be trained in order to identify potential business opportunities and capitalise upon them. Webship+ will also allow you to monitor the performance of your operation, and manage all aspects of it.

During the course of your time running your shipping franchise business, you’ll benefit from the relationships InXpress has built with its courier partners. These will enable you to offer favourable rates to your customers.

Is InXpress Right For You?

You won’t need any specific experience to take this franchise opportunity. InXpress will teach you everything you need to know about the shipping industry. This being said, it will be to your advantage if you’re familiar with marketing and selling services – you’ll need to speak to potential and existing customers on a daily basis.

The Package

An InXpress franchise costs £35,000. But you’ll also need around £15,000 in working capital to cover expenses during your first months in operation. Bear in mind that start-up costs will vary based on factors such as your location.

In exchange, you’ll be able to use the company’s branding and systems. Plus, you’ll enjoy comprehensive training and mentoring, as well as launch and marketing support. Your agreement will last for a period of five years. However, it can be renewed for an additional £5000.

Asking for Financing

You should know that InXpress doesn’t currently offer funding directly to prospective franchisees. But this doesn’t stop you from getting help from another source, such as a bank.

It’s important to realise that the process isn’t as simple as approaching a reputable moneylender, explaining you’ve found a shipping franchise for sale, and requesting funding. They’ll need more information. You must describe the franchise opportunity in detail, explain how you’ll profit from it, and even provide a full financial forecast. You must also remember that the approval of your request will hinge on your current credit score and income level.

Training & Support

To prepare you for the responsibilities associated with running your shipping franchise, InXpress will arrange for you to undergo a two-week training course. As part of this, you’ll be taught how to avoid obstacles normally faced by independent start-ups, and familiarised with the webship+ system. Following this programme, you’ll be assigned a mentor who’ll keep in touch with you to ensure that everything is progressing smoothly. You’ll also be able to access InXpress’ online university which contains wide-ranging learning resources.

Request & Read a Franchise Fact Sheet

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