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It goes without saying that it’s in your best interests for your franchisees to succeed. As their individual businesses grow under your umbrella, the visibility and profile of your overall brand will be raised, while your reputation as a franchisor will be greatly enhanced. In turn, this will attract even more prospective franchisees to your network. But what happens if your partners are unable to establish themselves in their local areas and build their own customer bases?

Franchises have a high rate of success. But this is never guaranteed. In the event one of your franchise partners fails, this could reflect poorly on your entire brand. However, you can prevent this from ever happening. Let our franchise marketing team help your franchisees promote their businesses within their territories. It’s that simple.


How Will We Achieve Success?

Before we can determine which franchise marketing services are best suited to your franchisees, we’ll first need to understand the particular products and services they’re offering. Once we’ve done this, our team will work in close collaboration with both you and your partners to define a clear customer profile. We’ll then directly communicate with your franchisees and use their knowledge of their territories to develop personalised marketing plans. These strategies will encompass the implementation of a range of initiatives such as an optimised Google My Business listing and…

Social Media Ads

15. That’s how many people create new social media accounts every single second. There are billions of users spread across platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. As part of our custom social media strategy, we’ll determine which of these channels are best for your franchisees and then use them to raise their profile.


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Of course, each platform requires a different kind of expertise. For instance, the skill-set required to produce short and catchy Twitter posts is unlike the one required to create striking Instagram posts. Thankfully, our team consists of professionals who’ve got substantial experience with every prominent social media site out there.

Search Engine Optimisation

Almost every business in the world uses SEO. It allows for long-term high search result rankings on engines such as Google. But it’s easy to implement SEO incorrectly. Our franchise local marketing team will help your franchisees avoid bad habits and optimise their existing ones. In fact, we’ll even create new content on request!

This service will include onsite and offsite organic and local SEO. This means that every kind of search will be covered. It won’t matter if a prospective customer does or doesn’t enter a specific location – your partners’ companies will still be near the top of the list.

Google Ads

Google Ads is a famous pay-per-click online advertising platform. It will enable our franchise marketing team to quickly get your partners’ businesses right near the top of Google search results.

Advertisements like these are widely considered to be non-invasive as they actually assist customers with their search for a given product or service. We’ll simply be giving potential clients a helping hand – by directing them straight to your franchisees.

We’ll Use Everything at Our Disposal

In addition to the above digital marketing strategies, we can also offer your franchisees additional services such as direct mail, branding as well as premium standard printing of business cards, brochures and more. Just tell us what your partners need and we’ll adjust our strategy to incorporate as many services as required.

Why Is This So Vital?

If one of your franchisees feels as if they’re failing, it would only be natural for them to attempt to remedy the situation themselves. For example, they may try to create their own website. But this site may be poorly designed and lower the reputation of your brand. By choosing Franchise Fame, you’ll show your franchisees that they have the support they need to succeed. Therefore, they won’t try to take matters into their own hands. As a result of this, you’ll maintain complete control over your brand image and ensure that everything remains consistent. What’s more, as you’ll have done everything you can to help your franchisees, they’ll feel valued and be inclined to encourage prospective franchise partners to join forces with you, too.

Avoid mistakes that might cost you dearly in the long run. Not supporting your franchisees or letting them run their franchises unattended and unsupported might result in some leaving and others stirring up pessimistic spirits throughout the whole network. Negative attitudes can be contagious.
Wondering why you should trust Franchise Fame as your franchise marketing agency? We’ll provide you with expert services tailored to your particular needs and budget. If you were to employ a member of staff to handle your marketing, you’d have to ensure they were properly trained and had the correct yet costly tools. By choosing us, you won’t have to concern yourself with any of this.
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