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An Introduction to FoneDoctor

Fone Doctor is a smart device repair company that people turn to when their precious possessions aren’t functioning as they should. FoneDoctor wants to expand its operations by opening stores in new areas. To this end, the company has opened up several franchise opportunities perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Repairs, Maintenance, Accessories & Parts – a True One-stop-shop

Mobile phones. Tablets. Desktops. Laptops. Game consoles. All of these devices and more can be brought back to life by FoneDoctor – it doesn’t matter which prominent brand originally produced them. Each store is operated by qualified and intensively trained members of staff who are not only able to perform repairs but provide expert advice and guidance, too. Standard repairs can be completed in-store while a client watches, while more complex jobs can require the devices to be left with the FoneDoctor team for a short period.

On top of these specialist repair and maintenance services, the company is also able to give its customers access to specific parts such as LCD displays for particular phone models. Plus, they can choose from a wide range of accessories such as high-quality phone cases and tablet covers.

Why Partner With FoneDoctor?

A FoneDoctor franchise gives you the chance to capitalise on the huge number of business opportunities found in both the smartphone and smart device markets. You’ll manage your own store with the brand’s name above the door and have its full support. This will include full training.

Your day-to-day role will be that of a store manager. You’ll organise your team and also interact with any clients that come into your outlet. FoneDoctor will expect you to maximise your earnings and expand your customer base within your assigned area.

Don’t forget, devices such as phones and tablets are expensive. As a result, customers will only want them repaired by a brand they can trust. This is one of the reasons that mobile phone franchises such as this are the ideal choice for aspiring entrepreneurs. You’ll start your venture with a pre-established reputation. Consequently, potential clients will see your store and know they can come to you for help with their malfunctioning possessions.

The Skills You Must Have

This isn’t an ordinary phone shop franchise. You won’t be selling smart devices, you’ll be repairing them. Accordingly, you must be familiar with technology. This being said, you won’t be expected to have experience repairing and maintaining these kinds of products before you invest in a franchise. If your application is accepted that’ll all be covered in your training. FoneDoctor does, however, expect all of its franchisees to have good communication and organisational skills. You’ll also need the ambition to achieve the highest standards of customer service on a regular basis.

This Is How Much a FoneDoctor Franchise Costs

The initial investment you must make will be approximately £58,000. Although prices will vary based on factors such as the size of the store, its location and staffing requirements. You’ll be asked to provide a minimum of half of this capital personally. While the remainder can be provided by way of a loan.

Want to know what the FoneDoctor team will give you in return? All-inclusive training, ongoing support and much more.

You Can Still Proceed Even Without All the Required Capital

Money lenders know that cell phone franchise opportunities like this allow entrepreneurs such as yourself to break through into one of the world’s most lucrative markets. Therefore, if you can show how you’ll make the most of this franchise opportunity, you’re almost certain to get the level of funding you desire. But before you can submit your loan application, you must draw up a business plan. This should encompass your exact financial aid request and your profit projections as well as your organisation and management structure and so on. When you’re done, take this documentation to the franchise department of a major bank.

Franchisee Training & Support

To prepare you for running your mobile phone franchise, FoneDoctor will give you comprehensive technical training. You’ll also be provided with customer development and business administration guidance. What’s more, while your store is active, the team at the brand’s head office will help you confirm orders, calculate quotes and more.

Ask the Company for More Details

If you’re contemplating pursuing this franchise opportunity, send an enquiry and request further information. It’s easily done – fill out this form and submit it. It will take just seconds.

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