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In simple terms, our branding and corporate identity services enable franchisors like yourself to present potential franchisees and customers with a unique image. It’s a given that they’ll both make a snap judgement of your business based on your brand. The questions they’ll ask themselves will include – how recognisable is it? How do you stack up against your competitors? What’s unique about the products and services you offer?

Your business’s ability to stand out from the crowd is particularly important to potential franchisees. This is because it’ll directly impact the ease at which they’ll be able to establish themselves under your umbrella. If your brand is unique and instantly recognisable, they’ll know that they can set up in almost any territory and still succeed.
Once you’ve enlisted Franchise Fame, we’ll get the ball rolling by researching your target audience, and designing a brand identity that’ll appeal to them.


What We’ll Do for You

A key step that must be taken is the definition of a value proposition. This is essentially a promise of value, and how it should be delivered and communicated. Once your proposition has been defined, you’ll be able to set clear brand-wide guidelines that all of your franchisees will follow.

Why is this vital? Inconsistent logos and messaging can cause potential buyer and customer confusion – something that you want to avoid at all costs. Thankfully, our franchise marketing team consists of experts who specialise in branding. These professionals are able to offer you assistance with business, product, and service name development, as well as messaging statements, guidelines, marketing collateral, designs, and so much more.



Remember We Don’t Just Offer Branding

Once your brand identity has been created. It’ll only be natural for you to want to start using it! For instance, you’ll be able to incorporate your newly designed logo into your instructional manuals, in addition to flyers, and brochures. But you may not have the necessary equipment to do this. If this is the case, don’t be concerned, as Franchise Fame can also provide specialist printing and binding services. Need help distributing these materials too? We’ll be happy to develop a direct mail marketing strategy on your behalf as well. This plan will target your ideal franchise buyer.

On top of this, our digital marketing team can also ensure that your branding remains consistent online too. This’ll encompass your landing page, website, social media posts, and more.

Collaborate With Experienced Experts

The team at Franchise Fame has over one hundred years of collective experience. Accordingly, our professionals can offer you premium branding services. There aren’t any obstacles we haven’t encountered before when it comes to developing brand identities - we’ll overcome them all for you.

You won’t have to wait for a member of staff to undergo the necessary training or purchase the costly tools they’ll need to develop your brand. You’ll simply have to give us your requirements. We’ll then develop a strategy that fits with your timeline and budget. It’ll be that easy.
Having Franchise Fame complete branding and corporate identity services for you will actually be less expensive in the long term, than completing them in-house. Plus, you’ll always be able to rely on us for complete transparency with regards to the return on your investment.
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Work With Skilled Designers

Compelling logo designs can be difficult to develop - we’ll handle it for you.

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With a clear brand identity, you’ll find it easier to build a strong reputation.

Develop Precise Brand Guidelines

Ensure that all of your existing franchisees will represent your brand correctly.

Reach Your Target Audience

We’ll design your brand identity so that it attracts your ideal franchise buyer.

Steer Clear of Common Mistakes

Our team knows what you need to avoid in order to be successful.

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