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Direct mail is a highly effective traditional offline marketing method that involves the distribution of physical items and materials – it encompasses everything from letters to perishable products. Recent studies suggest that approximately 60% of recipients open this kind of mail. It goes without saying that is a highly desirable rate.

However, while the technique itself leads to superb response rates and many other benefits, the process can be quite complex. To execute your plan, you’ll need to design and produce the content, print it, secure suitable packaging, arrange the shipping schedule and that’s not all. How can you overcome all of these obstacles? It really couldn’t be easier! Just choose Franchise Fame. We’ll handle absolutely everything for you.


Our Process

Our expertfranchise marketing team will get the ball rolling by becoming familiar with your particular business, and determining your precise requirements. This process will involve identifying your ideal customer profile.

Simply stated, we’ll need to know what kind of clients you’re looking to attract. Do they have certain purchase habits or hobbies? Are they in a clearly defined age range? What level of income do you expect them to have? Once you’ve answered these questions we’ll have a clear picture of what’s required to encourage them to purchase both your products and services. We’ll then use all of this data combined to draw up a bespoke direct mail marketing strategy that’ll suit your timeline and budget.

This offline marketing campaign will cover the production of striking, memorable and personalised content designed to elicit the right response from your target audience. It will also drive traffic directly to your website.



Printing & Branding

Don’t know how to go about having the content printed? Don’t worry. We also offer premium printing services suitable for the creation of high-quality leaflets, brochures, flyers, and more. Unsure how to keep your brand identity consistent across all these marketing materials? We’ve got you covered. You can order our branding and corporate identity services at any time.

Why Us?

We specialise in many different kinds of offline marketing techniques including direct mail. Our franchise marketing team has over 100 years of collective experience. As a result, we know all the pitfalls of direct mail and how to avoid them. For instance, our experts will make sure that your mail is error-free, features a strong call to action, and directs traffic to your online sites too.

While many franchisors attempt to handle their own offline marketing campaigns in-house, you may be surprised to learn that this isn’t actually as cost-effective as hiring an agency like Franchise Fame. With us, you won’t have to invest in intensive training for your employees so they can fullfill your needs. In addition, there will be no need whatsoever for you to invest in expensive marketing tools, as we already possess them.
You can expect us to be transparent with you at all times. We’ll provide you with crystal clear analytics that will show you exactly what you’re getting for your money. We also won’t rest on our laurels. Your direct mail campaigns will be closely monitored so we can find out what’s working and what isn’t. Our professionals will then proceed to make adjustments to optimise the results for you. We’ll do everything within our power to give you the best possible return on your investment. Few out there offer this type of transparency combined with a comprehensive and highly effective marketing service.
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We'll Simplify the Process
What Makes Us Stand Out
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Not sure where to start? Let’s find the right way for you!

We’ll Help You...

Avoid Common Mistakes

Your direct mail will be comprehensively proofread and tested before it's delivered.

Attract New Customers

Just tell us what audience you want us to target - we’ll do the rest.

Create Memorable Material

We’ll produce striking designs that will grab the readers' attention in an instant.

Enhance Your Digital Marketing

When combined with direct mail, the effectiveness of digital marketing increases.

Focus on Personalisation

Potential customers are more likely to choose brands that distribute personalised correspondence.

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