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Discover the Benefits of an Online Franchise

Technical Support

Your franchisor will be fully invested in the success of your online franchise business. So much so that they’ll provide you with on-going support covering training, insurance, and even a website. Need help purchasing equipment or software? Your parent company will be able to get them for reduced rates due to not only their buying power but the relationships they’ve built with suppliers in the online services industry. Need advice with a particular technical problem? You can reach out to the technical experts who make up the vast network you’ve just joined.

Reduced Risk

You’ll be hard-pressed to find business opportunities that entail less risk than a franchise. To begin with, before you own one you’ll be given the chance to research all the options in front of you. If a certain franchise doesn’t look like it will lead you to profitability, you can move on to others. Then, after you’ve made a decision and signed an agreement, you’ll be given tried and tested processes to follow, and due to the experience of your parent company, be able to accurately predict the kind of revenue to expect. Moreover, due to the nature of the online services industry, you’re highly unlikely to need to rent or buy a traditional office setting, at least at first. Naturally, this will result in substantial cost savings from month-to-month.

High-profile Branding

Services such as digital marketing are very expensive. Therefore, a business that needs this kind of technical support will only approach brands that they can see have a consistent track record of success. It’s important to realise that building up this kind of reputation takes time – sometimes years. In fact, the only efficient way to accomplish this is to purchase an online business franchise.

Identifying the Best Online Franchise Business For You

Individuals skilled in digital marketing, web design, and other online services are much in demand. But what if you were able to take control of your own business and directly profit from your rare abilities? The online franchise opportunities on Franchise Fame give you the chance to do just that…

There’s a franchise for sale out there that can give you access to a niche in the online services industry that’s perfect for you. You just have to find it. Take your time. Research all the brands who’re interested in new franchisees. Find out which has the best reputation. Learn what they offer. Investigate how much it costs to invest. Perform a self-evaluation and decide whether you match their requirements. Then, if you’re ready, approach the franchisor you’ve identified and request a meeting.

In most cases, you’ll be asked to attend a Discovery Day. In essence, this is a face-to-face meeting between you and the company, with other potential franchisees also in attendance. But this won’t only be a chance for the brand to evaluate you. It’s also a chance for you to assess them. Bear in mind, they’re looking for ambitious individuals with relevant experience in the industry and good communication skills – while you won’t be meeting clients in-person, you’ll need to be comfortable with eliciting requirements from them via digital channels.

If both sides are satisfied, the funding requirements and the contract itself can both be discussed and agreed upon. But remember to read the fine print before you put your name on the dotted line! Once you’ve done so you’ll be the owner of your very own online franchise, free to operate under your new parent company’s brand name. You’ll also be given access to a wide-ranging support structure that will likely comprise instructional videos, individual training programmes, vital software and systems, and much more.

Enter a World of Digital Marketing & Web Design – the Online Services Industry

Are you interested in a relatively low initial investment that results in a high return? Then look closely at the online business franchise opportunities currently available – the online services industry is always experiencing remarkably reliable demand, and is full of possibilities for a technologically gifted entrepreneur who’s ready to make their mark…

There’s no doubt that the most frequently used online services today are digital marketing and web design. But how have businesses capitalised on this?

In an age where customers find almost everything they need in terms of both products and services through the Internet, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has never been more important. To ensure that their brand is one of the first results returned by a Search Engine, businesses must employ online marketing companies who specialise in this area. Due to how important this is to their success, the going rates for these services are usually relatively high – meaning they’re potentially very profitable. In addition to this, online service providers are able to facilitate PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, as well as implement methods to drive social media traffic to a given company’s website. It goes without saying that these services are absolutely invaluable to businesses who are entirely based online.

Web design is equally as important as digital marketing. Regardless of the products they offer, if a customer is dissatisfied with the layout, functionality, responsiveness, and overall usability of a business’s website they are highly unlikely to take a closer look and make a purchase. Because if their website isn’t up to standard, why will their offerings be? To prevent this from happening, the vast majority of high-profile brands have requested assistance from specialist web-design companies who can deliver an aesthetically pleasing layout while providing the best possible user experience. And the demand for this won’t be reducing any time soon.

To conclude, if you find a franchise business for sale in either of these two areas, don’t think twice. There’s no better way to cash in on your technical expertise.

You’ll Be Aided With Every Aspect of Your New Enterprise Including…


Banks are far more willing to fund you if you take an online franchise opportunity rather than attempt your own start-up. They know that half of new businesses collapse, and they won’t want to be a part of a venture that’s destined for failure. So simply present the proven business model you plan to follow, and you’re almost certain to get a positive response. Don’t forget, the required investments in this sector are relatively low.


To prepare you for running your online business franchise, parent companies in this industry will often ask you to take part in training at their central office and gain valuable experience. You’ll see exactly how they operate and how they interact with clients, and therefore how you should do so when you open for business. But this won’t be all the training you receive, you’ll likely have access to an assortment of instructional videos that you can watch at any time for guidance.


Positive publicity is sought after by every new business. Thankfully, as the owner of an online franchise you’ll be given all the marketing resources you could want. This will include social media promotions and an intense marketing campaign. Bear in mind that these materials are the product of in-depth market research that your company has invested much money looking into.

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Low investment
Brokerplan Franchise logo

Brokerplan was founded by the White Rose Finance Group – a commercial finance and debt advisory practice.

Min. Investment


Low investment
BLAM logo
IT & Computers

BLAM Franchise

Blam helps small enterprises get to the next level by developing custom-made AI websites, as well as business applications.

Min. Investment


Low investment
eDivert logo
IT & Computers

eDivert Franchise

eDivert offers expert office support to both small and medium-sized enterprises. This encompasses everything from live-chat answering to database management.

Min. Investment


Low investment
spoton logo
Online Franchises

SpotOn Franchise

Created by the team behind web design company it’seeze, gives entrepreneurs the tools and resources to run their own digital marketing franchise, and help it’seeze reach more customers.

Min. Investment


Explorer Travel Franchise logo

Explorer Travel was created for a sole purpose – to provide franchise opportunities to ambitious entrepreneurs who’re passionate about travel.

Min. Investment


The Travel Franchise logo

The Travel Franchise was founded in 2010 by the team behind the celebrated company Not Just Travel. Its mission is to provide franchise opportunities for aspiring travel agents who want to take control over their careers.

Min. Investment


Low investment
Hemera Holidays Franchise logo

Hemera Holidays provides its customers with the means to experience their ideal vacation scenarios, in luxurious cabins, lodges, and holiday homes.

Min. Investment


the holiday franchise company logo

Created by the team behind the celebrated online travel agency Holidaysplease, The Holiday Franchise Company was founded to help entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams of becoming travel business owners themselves.

Min. Investment


Low investment

GoCruise & Travel has been helping its customers arrange the perfect cruise or land holiday for over 17 years.

Min. Investment


Sparkle Cleaning logo
Cleaning Franchises

Sparkle Cleaning Franchise

Since 2016, Sparkle Cleaning has delivered commercial cleaning services of the highest quality to customers in the hospitality, industrial, and education sectors.

Min. Investment