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Attract New Franchisees & Help Your Existing Partners

Franchise Fame is ready to assist you in your efforts to bring new franchisees on board and get your brand the exposure it needs. Our franchise marketing consultants will work in collaboration with both you and your partners to find solutions that suit your specific needs and budget. You’ll find further in-depth details about our broad range of franchise development services below.

What Will You Get?

Request Expert Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing for franchises is comprehensive. For starters, you’ll benefit from our proven organic and local search engine optimisation techniques. These will ensure that you rank highly in the results returned by search engines such as Google. What’s more, our franchise marketing professionals will use the Google Ads platform to create online adverts that appear near the top of search results. Thus guaranteeing that your franchise opportunities will be some of the first that prospective franchisees see. On top of this, we can design and then distribute compelling email newsletters and advertisements for both external and internal marketing purposes. Want your business and franchise proposals to be visible on platforms like Facebook and Instagram too? No problem. Our specialists can handle it all.

Arrange Internal Marketing & Network Communication

As a franchisor, it’s difficult to find time to interact with your existing franchisees and help them grow their businesses. Our internal marketing for franchises has been designed specifically to enable you to overcome this challenge. We’ll ensure that you remain in touch with your franchisees through social media, email newsletters, and so on. Rest assured that all the methods our franchise internal digital marketing team use will be time-efficient. You’ll be able to focus on high-value activities only.

Facilitate Franchise Sales & New Business Development

Don’t know how to sell a franchise business? We’ll help you find suitably skilled prospective franchisees who have the finances required to invest. Our team will accomplish this by developing a custom strategy. This plan will encompass the utilisation of Google Ads and social media platforms, as well as search engine optimisation methods. Once we’ve improved your franchise sales, your network will start to expand at a rapid rate.

Order Specialist Marketing for Your Franchisees

If you want your network to grow, you need to help your franchisees attract new customers in their territories. To this end, you can ask our franchise local marketing professionals to communicate directly with your partners and develop personalised promotional strategies. Keep in mind that these franchise marketing services will include Google My Business listings, Google Ads, social media adverts, local SEO, and that’s not all.

Profit from Offline Marketing Methods

Printing and binding services are vital for franchisors as they facilitate the creation of vital marketing materials, as well as business cards, and more. As part of this, we can even provide you with instruction manual printing for your franchisees.
In addition to this, we can also offer you high-quality branding and corporate identity services. These will help you maintain a consistent brand image across your entire operation – from uniforms to websites.
Don’t know how to go about direct mail marketing? We’ve got experience with that too.

Benefit from Traditional Advertising Techniques

Advertising on TV remains an effective way of breaking through to your target audience – prospective franchisees. In fact, recent studies suggest that TV adverts amount to approximately 95% of all viewed video advertising. Moreover, radio advertising is an equally worthwhile initiative. It’s estimated that millions of individuals listen to commercial radio channels every single week. Our franchise marketing consultants will arrange both on your behalf.

Utilise Bespoke Technology

Need website design services? We’ll build a search engine optimised site that draws in users and raises your profile. Looking for a way to geographically define areas for your partners? You’ll be able to take advantage of robust franchise territory mapping software. Want systems that’ll save you and your franchisees time and money? You’ll get franchise operations software made to simplify accounting, customer relationship management, and other processes.

Why You Should Consider Us

If you enlist Franchise Fame as your franchise marketing agency, we’ll put our full resources towards helping you achieve your goals. Plus, you’ll gain access to our team of experts who’ve got over one hundred years of collective experience in the field.
Don’t forget, it’ll cost you less money to use us in the long term than it would to hire an employee to fill all of your franchise marketing needs.

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