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Barking Mad Has Raised the Standard of Professional Dog Sitting

Founded in 2000, Barking Mad is a pet care business that specialises in providing professional dog sitting. These services are always much in demand, and you can now benefit by taking the franchise opportunities Barking Mad is offering.

Services Tailored to Individual Canines

The team at Barking Mad take the steps necessary to provide their customers with complete peace of mind. Before providing a service to a client, they first come to meet both them and their pet. This enables trust to be formed, and allows the carer to observe the dog’s normal routine, including how they’re fed, how they exercise, and if they have any specific medical needs. But they don’t stop there.

They then offer the customer the chance to see the home in which their dog will be cared for, to ensure they’re satisfied. If they are, a booking can be made and the service can be performed. During the dog’s stay, the carer will send regular photographs and updates to keep the owner’s mind at ease. It’s this attention to detail and compassionate care that has led to Barking Mad’s success.

What Makes This Franchise Opportunity Stand Out?

There are many pet care & food franchises out there. But only Barking Mad can provide you with the means and infrastructure to build your own premium, profitable dog sitting business in your local area. But what exactly does being a Barking Mad franchise partner entail?

You’ll be home based. There’ll be no need to invest in an office. You’ll collect dogs from private properties and then provide them with the care they need while their owners are unavailable – you’ll be trained to handle every aspect of this type of service. What’s more, you’ll benefit from the expert guidance from the team at Barking Mad – they’ll tell you how to market your operation, and make the most of the business opportunities available. However, it could be said that the most important advantage you gain from being a franchisee, is a recognisable Trade Name…

Dogs are cherished companions. Their owners will only entrust them to carers with established reputations. If you had chosen to go the route of an independent start-up, you would have had to slowly build positive word-of-mouth. With Barking Mad, once you’re up and running, you’ll be operating under the umbrella of a reputable brand which has received and continues to receive positive reviews from its customers. That’ll make you an instant viable option for a dog owner.

Find Out if This Is Right for You

To make a success of this type of pet franchise, you’ll need to have access to a vehicle with the space to hold at least two dogs. You’ll also require your own personal computer, printer, smart device, and internet connection for business purposes. It also goes without saying that you must be a hard-working dog lover who’s passionate about achieving the highest possible standard of care on a consistent basis.

The Financial Requirements

Barking Mad franchise costs come to a total of £15,400 + VAT. This includes the £13,900 franchise fee, as well as £1500 worth of business equipment. Should you choose to invest, you’ll also get access to the brand’s bespoke customer relationship management software, and an all-inclusive training programme for no additional fee.

Where to Request Funding

Pet care franchise opportunities often require a low level of investment and deliver a high return. Investors know this, and that’s why they’re likely to support your plan to join forces with Barking Mad. Prepare your business strategy, including any relevant financial figures, and then go to the franchise department of your bank.

You’ll Receive Extensive & Continuous Support

After you’ve partnered with Barking Mad, you’ll go through a training programme. Then, once your pet franchise business is operational, you’ll continue to receive training support throughout the first six months. This’ll include advice and assistance with regards to sales, marketing, accounting, computing, and more.

You’ll also get access to Barking Mad’s bespoke invoicing and online system which will help you deliver efficient customer service, and improve your cash flow management.

If you’re contemplating taking this franchise opportunity, you should send an enquiry and request further information. It’s easily done – fill out this form and submit it. It’ll take just seconds.

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