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Why Customers Are Loyal to Leading the Way Pet Care

The team at Leading the Way Pet Care is ready to step in for pet owners when they’re away or at work. The company’s emphasis on compassionate care has led to the establishment of a customer base that keeps coming back. And now you can help the brand assist even more clients by taking up the franchise opportunities offered.

Services That Are Highly Sought After

Many pet owners have hectic schedules, which means they aren’t always available to take their dog for a walk or give their cat the companionship it needs. Thankfully, Leading the Way Pet Care has fully insured and trained pet carers who are happy to help rain or shine. Customers are able to schedule walks or at-home visits as frequently as they desire. But before they book their first service, a client is able to arrange a free visit from one of the company’s pet carers. This enables the customer to ask any questions they may have and build a level of trust with the carer in question.

Additionally, Leading the Way Pet Care is also able to offer an expert pet taxi service. This involves carefully placing a pet in an RSPCA standard crate complete with ventilation, space and non-slip flooring so they can be transported to a given destination – such as to the vet.

Simply stated, the brand gives pet owners a way to effectively manage their desire to provide the best care possible for their furry friends, while also handling their other commitments.

Become a Franchisee & Play Your Part in Raising Pet Care Standards

Choose to join the team as a Leading the Way Pet Care franchise partner and you’ll be able to build your own business providing specialist dog walking, pet taxi and home-visit services. This venture will be home based and low cost – you won’t need to secure permanent premises.

Don’t forget, pet owners will only entrust their beloved four-legged friends to the best. With Leading the Way Pet Care behind you, you’ll be able to attract more customers far faster than if you had begun your own independent start-up. As a result, you’ll face much less personal financial risk.

What Makes You a Good Applicant?

A key element of running any pet franchise business is customer interaction. You’ll need to form relationships with not only your clients themselves but their pets, too. For this reason, strong social skills and familiarity with pets are both absolutely vital. Previous pet care experience, however, isn’t. Once you sign your agreement, you’ll go through an extensive training process that will ensure you’re properly prepared.

Your Investment

You’ll need £8,995 + VAT to cover the initial Leading the Way Pet Care franchise costs. Once you’ve paid this, you’ll have the company’s permission to use its branding and trademarks. Further to this, you’ll be expertly trained, provided with branded clothing and marketing materials, given access to a bespoke customer relationship system and much more.

Covering the Costs

If you need help covering the initial investment, you can go to the franchise department of your local bank and request a loan. Pet care and food franchises are almost always successful. This high rate of success will encourage any investor to give you the backing you need.

You’ll Be a Fully Trained & Qualified Pet Carer

Your new venture will begin with an accredited course in Companion Animal Health and Welfare and Disease Control. Then, you’ll be able to rely on advice and support from seasoned pet carers, who have spent years providing services in the industry. This will include your fellow franchisees, who will be able to tell you how to avoid any issues they encountered during their first months in operation.

Of course, as the owner of your pet care franchise, you’ll be able to work the hours you choose, which will improve your work-life balance. To help you with this further, Leading the Way Pet Care will give you access to both accounts and customer relationship systems so you can efficiently manage all aspects of your business from a device of your choice.

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