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Pets 2 Places Offers Specialist Transportation Assistance to Pet Owners

Pets 2 Places was founded for the purpose of providing all types of pet owners with the means to transport their beloved companions safely. But these vital services are currently only available in select areas. Consequently, the Pets 2 Places team needs entrepreneurs to take the franchise opportunities they’re offering so they can expand their network.

Services Performed With Fully Adapted Vehicles

All Pets 2 Places employees are DBS checked and qualified animal handlers who drive adapted and insured vehicles. These cars have been designed to allow pets to sit with their owners and not be separated by crates. This keeps the animals calm.

The brand is able to offer comprehensive and personalised services designed to help customers through not only standard trips but potential emergency pet-related situations. For instance, if a client’s pet has collapsed and is in need of immediate expert care, the Pets 2 Places team will bring a stretcher and help the owner carefully place their ill pet into the taxi for transport to the nearest veterinary centre. Plus, team members are able to keep customers company while sitting in a waiting room, if requested, and then taking them home as needed.

Further to this, Pets 2 Places taxi drivers are also accustomed to helping those customers who themselves are elderly and perhaps less mobile or disabled. Making their services suitable for everyone.

Why Should You Invest in a Pets 2 Places Franchise?

If you took this franchise opportunity, you’d be giving yourself the chance to build your own business without encountering the same risks as an independent start-up. Pets 2 Places will give you a model to follow and allow you to use their established and trusted trade name. Remember, pet owners will only entrust their precious cats, dogs and other pets to professionals who have a good track record.

As a Pets 2 Places franchise partner, you’ll be expected to provide all the brand’s services within your assigned area. This will include transporting customers and their pets to the vet, groomer, kennel or other destination. The company will support you every step of the way.

You Don’t Have to Be a Seasoned Expert

Running pet care and food franchises takes a certain skill-set. But you won’t need experience specific to the industry to invest in a Pets 2 Places franchise. The brand is looking for computer-literate pet-lovers who are fully-licensed drivers. What’s more, as you’ll be transporting customers to and from destinations such as the vet regularly throughout each day, you must be comfortable with both every day and potentially sensitive social situations.

The Package

A total investment of £5,000 + VAT will cover the Pets 2 Places franchise costs. However, you’ll also need to purchase a specially adapted vehicle for the purpose of pet transportation. Despite this, you’ll still find that this venture is relatively low cost when compared to other franchise opportunities.

Wondering what exactly you’ll get in return? A five-year licence, business planning advice, a full training programme, an equipment package, a bespoke territory marketing campaign, ongoing support and more. You should expect to make approximately £30,000 in revenue during the course of your first two years in operation.

If You Need Financing…

Prepare your business plan and go to the franchise department of your bank. Don’t forget, investing in a pet franchise is far less risky than starting up your own independent business. For this reason, you should be confident of securing the funding you require.

How You’ll Be Trained & Supported

Pets 2 Places will arrange for you to undergo all-inclusive training that will prepare you to handle all aspects of your new pet franchise business. This will include instruction in social media marketing, the brand’s customer relationship management and accountancy system and more. You’ll also get the chance to take part in several real services while accompanied by an experienced member of the Pets 2 Places team.

Once you’re fully operational, you’ll be able to turn to both the company’s head office and your fellow franchisees to get answers to any questions you may have.

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