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Snappy Tomato Pizza Doesn’t Simply Make Ordinary Dough

Snappy Tomato Pizza is a brand known for its special Chicago-style square-pan pizzas. This chain of outlets is operated by many individual franchisees, all committed to achieving the best possible quality standards.

These special franchise opportunities remain open. Keep reading to find out more…

Fresh Ingredients, Innovative Pizzas & Customer Rewards

To capitalise on the business opportunities in the competitive pizza industry, a company has to stand out from the crowd. Snappy Tomato Pizza has done this by putting square-pan pizzas on its menu. These pizzas are 25% larger than traditional offerings and give customers greater value. The dough used is made fresh every single day with high-quality flour. While the ingredients to make the toppings only come from the most reliable of sources.

Further to this, the brand has also started to make use of an ingenious initiative designed to attract and retain new customers – the Snappy Rewards Club. After booking an order, a client receives a certain amount of points. These points can then be used to get discounts in the future or even make the sides and drinks they desire completely free.

Enter a Standard Franchise Agreement With the Brand

You can become a Snappy Tomato Pizza franchise partner, and benefit from the company’s strong reputation and established customer base. You’ll be assisted in setting up your store, receive all-inclusive training, get orders through a bespoke app and website and more. Your role as a franchise owner will be to uphold the standards of the overall Snappy Tomato Pizza enterprise. You’ll have your own territory in which you’ll offer takeaway services.

Already own an independent pizza establishment? That brand will still be happy to partner with you. You’ll still be provided with marketing materials, menus, uniforms and website support – just as if you were starting a brand new outlet. But your overall costs will be lower as you already own a suitable property.

Who’s Suitable?

You don’t have to have worked in the industry to invest in this pizza franchise! Snappy Tomato Pizza will train you thoroughly. But you must be determined to achieve the highest customer service standards and be willing to work hard. Plus you’ll need to showcase your enthusiasm for entering a long-term agreement with the brand.

How Much a Snappy Tomato Pizza Franchise Costs

When compared to other similar pizza franchise opportunities, this option is relatively low cost. The initial investment can be as low as £10,000 – this will cover the £5,000 franchise fee and the £5,000 in working capital you’ll need to cover the expenses associated with launching your new business.

The total investment will vary depending on factors such as the size of the store you plan to open, where it will be based and whether you’re converting an existing outlet. But generally, equipment costs will range from £25,000 to £30,000. Plus, shopfitting and utility expenses will be between £15,000 and £40,000.

If you move forward with this franchise opportunity, you should also be aware that you’ll be charged a weekly fee of £100 – this will be just £50 a week during your first year in operation and £75 during your second. Also, you’ll be required to contribute 5% of revenue generated from orders you receive through the brand’s website or app.


Don’t be concerned if you can’t afford to join this network of pizza franchises using just your own capital. There’s another way. Many major financial institutions offer loans to prospective franchisees. As Snappy Tomato Pizza is a recognisable and successful brand, you’ll have a good chance of getting financial support.

Your Training

All Snappy Tomato Pizza franchise partners are trained in active outlets near to the territories in which they’ll be operating in the future. Your particular training programme will be adapted to suit your individual history and experience. The subjects covered in this period include, but aren’t limited to, dough management, pizza preparation and delivery services. You’ll also be taught how to use Snappy Tomato Pizza’s systems and how to perform daily procedures.

Don’t forget, even when you’ve launched, you’ll still be able to contact the franchise team for support and guidance.

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