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Metro Plumb Solves Plumbing Problems

Metro Plumb offers an extensive range of plumbing services suitable for both private customers and businesses. As of today, the brand has more than 30 franchises, each running their own plumbing centre in a separate, exclusive territory.

Got plumbing experience? There are more franchise opportunities open, all you’ve got to do is take one!

A Company That Prioritises Customer Service

Repeat business and referrals have been the keys to Metro Plumb’s continued success. It’s why the company puts such an emphasis on customer satisfaction. But what exactly does Metro Plumb offer?

The brand’s technicians can travel to private properties or commercial premises, and carry out a variety of repairs and replacements…

Baths. Showers. Taps. Toilets. Pipes. Radiators. Central heating systems. The team can tackle it all and so much more. All of the company’s professionals are highly trained and have years of experience. Each one has an NVQ Level 2 Plumbing Qualification.

How Metro Plumb Will Help You Build a Business

As a Metro Plumb franchise partner, you’ll operate out of a fully-equipped van, and complete plumbing services throughout a particular area. This’ll be a completely exclusive territory chosen for the number of business opportunities it contains. No other franchisee will be allowed to work within it.

You can be entirely home based, at least initially – all your administration can be handled with just a phone and a laptop. But as your business grows, you may consider moving into a traditional office to accommodate your staff members. The Metro Plumb team will help make you more efficient by handling all of your invoicing and payment collections.

The speed at which your franchise launches will depend on your current plumbing skill level. If you’re a confident, qualified plumber it’s possible that you’ll get up and running in just two weeks. But if you require a more extensive training programme, the process will be extended.

You’ll Need Previous Plumbing Experience

If you want to team up with Metro Plumb and run your own plumber franchise, you’ll need a background in the industry, good interpersonal skills, and business management experience. You should be aware you’ll be required to take a competency test as part of the application process. Plus, you’ll be asked to provide proof that you have earned at least an NVQ Level 2 Plumbing Qualification.

About the Investment

A Metro Plumb franchise costs £17,000. But the total investment could rise to, or exceed £25,000. Additional expenses will include the purchase of a suitable van, which will need to be fully branded, as well as equipment. Metro Plumb will be able to help you secure both. Further to this, you’ll need to pay an on-going advertising fee. This’ll be the equivalent of 1% of your turnover.

You’ll get an area of your own, training in all aspects of the operation, marketing support and guidance, and that’s far from all.

Financial Institutions Can Provide You With Funding

Prospective franchisees can’t currently request funding from Metro Plumb. But you’re able to take your business plan to a major bank and ask for a loan. What must be included in this plan? A financial forecast, a breakdown of the franchise opportunity, your operational strategy, and so on. The likelihood of you getting the funding you need is high. This is because plumbing franchises are so often successful! Consequently, moneylenders don’t see them as risky investments.

The Metro Plumb Franchise Support Network

Prior to taking over your plumbing franchise, you’ll be trained in health and safety, sales, marketing, financial management, and IT. After you’re open for business, you’ll be able to contact your fellow Metro Plumb franchisees or the head office team as required – phone lines will stay open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With regards to marketing and sales, Metro Plumb will connect you with its dedicated national accounts team. These professionals will find leads for you and help you construct a customer base. On top of this, you’ll be provided with a pack of branded materials that you’ll be able to distribute yourself in your territory.

Want to Proceed?

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