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About Belvoir!

The Belvoir Group was established in 1995 and arose out of the vision of the Goddard family. Today, there are 159 franchises in the property sector across the UK. The Group is known to manage over 65,000 properties and it has achieved 24 years of unbroken profit growth. The brand is looking for new franchisees to join its impressive network. Are you ready to be a part of it?

What’s on Offer

Irrespective of whether an individual is a franchisee, landlord, tenant, vendor or buyer – the Belvoir Group believes that property will always be personal with them. The franchisor strongly focuses on the strength of relationships built and this is exemplified by the presence of the Group and its various franchisees at over 400 locations. The Group offers services ranging from residential lettings, property management, residential sales and property-related financial services. It can be found at 439 offices across six brands. Its method of growth is both organic expansion and through acquisitions.

The Franchise Offering

The Group offers both sales and letting franchise opportunities and once you are already a part of the network and you’d like to possibly expand and grow your business, you can consider expansion through acquisition. The Group’s assisted acquisitions programme will search for potential business opportunities as well as assist you with negotiating and even financing the deal. But before you get started, you’ll have the opportunity to attend property franchise Discovery Days which is where you can meet other current franchisees and discuss their experience so that you can make a more informed decision.

However, bear in mind that the Group’s franchise Discovery Days are currently held online only. These are meetings that are held one-on-one with the Central Office team, which give you the chance to learn what it takes to run a Belvoir, Newton Fallowell, Northwood, Lovelle or Nicholas Humphrey’s property franchise. At the Discovery Day meeting, you will also be introduced to the brands and business, explore your business plans and ambitions, identify the right property franchise opportunities for you, discuss finances and your options, have an introduction with the knowledge and support teams and have all your questions answered.

Who Are They Looking For?

You may think that you need to be a property wizard to get started with a Belvoir franchise but this is simply not the case. The Group’s franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds with varying degrees of experience, which is not limited to the property sector. In addition, all franchisees have differing financial positions and this is taken into account when the franchisor matches you to a franchise opportunity that suits your circumstances.

The Cost

An initial investment will be required, but this will be dependent on whether the business being purchased is bought as a going concern resale or acquisition. You will also need to pay a deposit to secure your franchise opportunity. There is a management service fee return and a monthly fee that needs to be paid as well, but this will once again be dependent on the opportunity which you are pursuing. Despite these fees, you can rely on established and solid relationships with supply chain partners such as service and software providers. And what’s more appealing is the fact that you can expect net profits of between 25% and 30%.

The Group will also help to create a five-year recruitment and investment plan for you and at the end of this five-year period, you should expect to have a debt-free and profit enhanced business.


Although some new franchisees are entirely able to finance their property sales and lettings business, others may prefer more flexibility in financing their venture. To help out, the Group will first chat with you about your financing needs and will then create a bespoke ownership plan for you. This could mean putting you in touch with lenders and financial partners that the Belvoir Group has established relationships with. All this to help you raise the capital required (or a portion thereof) to begin your venture.

Training and Support

The Belvoir Group will provide you with comprehensive training and support as you embark on your franchise journey. For example, you will be matched with one of the Group’s Business Development Mentors (BDM( who will always be on-hand for guidance and support. This mentor will help ensure you are armed with robust knowledge when entering the property market and that you set realistic expectations for your business. You’ll not only be supported at the early stage of doing market research and due diligence but afterwards as well. As part of the initial training, you’ll be required to take a four-week training course that covers all the brands and how they operate. You’ll also find out how to stand out from competitors. The support from the central team will include training and mentorship, shop fit-out, marketing and more.

From the business development training team, you’ll start a training programme that covers 42 courses on 24 subjects. These are held throughout the year at the central office and at regional locations. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in webinars and other online courses.

Further to this, you’ll get legal support, support from the franchise recruitment team at the early stages of your franchising journey, and IT support (you’ll have your own microsite to promote your business and they’ll also set up your email system). There is also assistance with finance and assisted acquisitions, marketing (such as national brand awareness and design templates for different marketing materials), leadership as well as audit and compliance. Regarding the latter, you will get support with handling client monies in the first three months, after which you can work autonomously. This will also include annual audits of client account procedure, tenancy agreements, terms of business, redress membership schemes etc.

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