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Regarding CNA International

Since 1993, CNA International has provided Executive Search services for many different types of businesses. The brand is now a leader in the field and has become known for getting results. Just imagine if you had the chance to inherit this hard-earned reputation and all the benefits that came with it…

Well, now you do! As of right now, CNA International is offering exciting franchise opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Consultants Who Help Both Businesses & Candidates

Finding talented and highly qualified candidates is a skill, and the team at CNA International are masters. They’ve refined their techniques, and are now able to take full advantage of all the business opportunities in this specialised recruitment sector. Here’s how they do it:

To begin, a comprehensive brief is elicited from the client. Then, a thorough search is undertaken by CNA International’s consultants and a short-list of candidates is identified. Following this, the potentials will be approached and interviewed to determine their suitability for the role in question. No stone is left unturned during this process. References are asked for, and occasionally work is set to verify that the candidates are genuinely skilled in the areas they say they are. Once this has been completed, the consultants will discuss the potentials with the client, and help them arrange interviews. If an appropriate candidate is found, an offer can be made – CNA can also be relied upon to assist during wage negotiations.

But this isn’t to say that CNA International is purely focused on helping organisations. Candidates also receive helpful advice with regards to interview preparation and are given detailed feedback in the event of a failed application. The brand’s services are truly comprehensive.

Enter a Lucrative Market With the Support of a Renowned Brand

Executive search firms are usually used by resourceful enterprises who pay high rates to get the best results. They won’t entrust their employee search to a new independent start-up. This is partly why recruitment franchises are becoming so popular.

If you decide to start your own CNA International franchise, you’ll take on the brand’s reputation and standing within the recruitment industry. This’ll give you a significant advantage. It’s also important to realise that CNA has been using a franchising model for many years – they’ll know how to help you set-up efficiently. Plus, you’ll be able to work from home initially, until your business grows sufficiently so you can afford an office space. You also won’t be restricted to a specific territory. There’ll be no limits.

What You Need to Become a CNA International Franchisee

Unlike the other recruitment agencies franchise opportunities you’ll come across, you won’t need previous experience in the recruitment industry to partner with CNA International. But bear in mind, to run your own franchise, you’ll need to have a strong business background and excellent communication skills.

How Much Does It Cost to Take This Franchise Opportunity?

CNA International Franchise Costs come to a total of £36,000. This includes £6000 in franchise fees. But remember, you could potentially make up to £100,000 in revenue in just two years – the return will be worth it.

In exchange for your payment, you’ll get the benefit of training and on-going business support, in addition to a full technology pack, and much more.

Request Financial Support

Recruitment franchise opportunities like this one don’t come around frequently. That’s why you need to seize on it. Haven’t got the required capital? CNA International has developed relationships with several financial institutions. You’ll be able to use these connections to ask for and obtain the funding you need to get started.

Join an Established Support Network

After you’ve agreed to invest in this recruitment agency franchise you won’t just be put through an intense training programme. You’ll be taught on an on-going basis. What’s more, you’ll be able to speak to fellow franchisees to get advice, and even join forces with them to complete certain recruitments. You’ll also get support from CNA International’s head office with regards to IT, marketing, and more.

If You’re Interested…

If you’re contemplating taking this franchise opportunity, you should send an enquiry and request further information. It’s easily done – fill out this form and submit it. It’ll take just seconds.

Enquire Now & Find Out More

Let us know you’re interested in taking a franchise opportunity by filling out the form. You will then be contacted by one of our representatives.

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